Oceania map, Australasia map

Oceania/Pacific Map

Oceania map. There is an Australasia map just below.

Oceania is a larger area than Australasia, including more Pacific islands, such as Hawaii, Guam, Melanesia, French Polynesia, the Marquesas islands, the Cook Islands, the Samoas, Tonga  plus squillions of tiny coral atolls and volcanic islands, with equally tiny human populations, as well as Australia (the only continent involved), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and perhaps all Indonesia and Malaysia islands. Also see our Polynesia Map.

Australasia Map, included in Oceania map

Australasia/Pacific Map

Australasia Map by Google with additions by Bugbog

Australasia is a part of Oceania, or the same thing according to some.  It comprises Australia, New Zealand, the island of Papua New Guinea and neighbouring islands north and east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

So what’s the Pacific Rim?

The Pacific Rim consists of the vast amount of land encircling or contained within the Pacific Ocean/Oceania/Australasia, numbering at least forty countries. A few notable territories are Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Russia, United States, Canada, the Koreas, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico…and so on.

Interestingly the Pacific Rim runs practically alongside the Ring of Fire for much of its circumference and that means trouble. The Ring of Fire describes a chain of geologically unstable formations where volcanoes and earthquakes like to express themselves dramatically on a regular basis. In fact  75% of the world’s volcanoes  squat along this rim.