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Africa Map

Africa Map

Africa map

African wildlife safaris

If you want a wild time on this continent then ensure that the company you choose knows what it’s doing.

It may be tempting to go for the very cheapest option, since wildlife safaris tend to be costly, but if your guide doesn’t know where to find the cool animals, how to get you close to them or or how to protect you from them you could end up without pictures, bored, gored or lion lunch. You choose.

The map links to several countries where wildlife roams free. Kenya and Tanzania are famed for the mass migration of wildebeeste, zebra and attendant predators across the Serengeti and Masai Mara buy safaris are still well worthwhile during the dry season.

Madagascar is the place for unique and charming little lemurs and chameleons.

South Africa for its many user-friendly self-drive wildlife parks,.

Botswana for watery Okavango Delta experiences. We haven’t been there so can’t comment.

But most of all the Bugcrew enjoyed Namibia’s Etosha reserve where staggering numbers of animals are easily viewed from self-drive cars or water holes adjacent to rest camps in northern Namibia.