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Cap D Antibes Walk 2 - The Path Is Mostly Well Constructed And Hugs The Shoreline Of The Cap


In Cap D Antibes Walk 2 there will be other walkers on the trail, some of whom will be coming from EilenRoc Villa and some who will be traveling from the other way. Even though it's still February, a scuba diver is in the water.

The greatest portion of the Cap hike begins at the Russian-owned Château de la Cro's tall walls and continues inland between the Château and the government-owned Villa Eilenroc. A free visit to the villa and its lovely grounds is a potential diversion if it isn't July or August, but we've never seen it open.

Man and Toddler Standing Near the Seashore Villa Eilenroc
Man and Toddler Standing Near the Seashore Villa Eilenroc

Villa Eilenroc

The Villa Eilenroc is a beautiful nineteenth-century neoclassical structure. It is accessible to the public on Wednesday mornings and afternoons, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the beautiful Mediterranean gardens are open all day. However, it is closed during the Antibes Music Festival in July and August.

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Some Cap d'Antibes trail walkers park near the villa, visit it, and then walk the route in the other way, down to the Cap coast, between the villa and the Russian-owned (some belief Roman Abramovitch) Château de la Cro, previously frequented by Garbo and Onassis.

You may swim here, or have a picnic like the family in the center, stroll back to Plage de la Garoupe for lunch or swim in around 15 minutes of simple, somewhat peaceful road walking.

Aerial View of Crashing Waves on the Shore
Aerial View of Crashing Waves on the Shore


The idea of a deep blue Mediterranean lapping up against opulent billionaire mansions comes to mind when thinking about Cap d'Antibes. However, you could be startled by how wild the terrain is if you hike the trek around the peninsula. There are large villas, but they are tucked away amid the pines. Walking through the wild maquis and olive trees, as well as along limestone cliffs and rocky bays transports you far away from the rush and bustle of the Riviera beach resorts, which are just a few kilometers away.

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