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United Airlines ‘1K’ Member Threatened With No Fly List Over Eating Manicotti


A United Airlines ‘1K’ member threatened with no fly list over eating Manicotti. After consuming a dish of manicotti while flying with United Airlines, a top-tier "1K" status member was threatened with being placed on the "no fly list" by a flight attendant for the airline.

The passenger related the bizarre occurrence that took place during the aircraft number 1372 from Denver to Seattle on Thursday. Sam had just completed his 80th trip of the year with United, which had carried him from Madison, Wisconsin to Denver, Colorado, where he was making a connection to continue his journey.

On his journey to Seattle, he would be traveling with the same crew and aircraft as before. And as he was leaving the plane in Denver, he reportedly remarked to the flight attendant working the first class cabin about how much he enjoys the manicotti served by United.

He asked her in jest, as a joke, if she could spare him some food because he was going to be back in seat 7C very soon. In her response, she said that if there was any remaining, she'd "see what [she] could do."

When he reboarded the plane, he flashed the flight attendant up front a grin and reminded her of their agreement with the words "don't forget our deal." According to him, she grinned back at him and said, "I got you!"

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Manicotti served during flights
Manicotti served during flights

After then, a different flight attendant approached the original one and began to argue with her. She then approaches the man at his seat and informs him that "United will not allow...the first class meal in economy and that [he's] only entitled to snack box," which is the complimentary amenity that passengers with 1K status receive in coach when they aren't upgraded to a higher level of service.

She claims that she has informed the other member of the staff that they should not bring him any manicotti. However, around the midway point of the trip, the attendant serving first class passengers offers him some manicotti.

It’s obviously left over but it’s warm and delicious. It’s not the full meal, just the manicotti and a fork. It is a surprise and joy and she smiles at me and I smile at her and I profusely thank her for the kind gesture.- Sam

The second flight attendant then "berates" the passenger for eating the food and "waits" for him to finish before doing so. She tells him that she will be "writing him up" for taking the lunch, and she also warns him that he may be barred from flying United and placed on their "no fly list."

She states that based on what she told me more than 90 minutes ago it was my job to refuse the meal and that I knew better than to accept the meal. She then threatens me with “this kind of violation can result in you being denied boarding and being put on United’s no fly list”.- Sam

She also informs him that the captain is "upset" that he took the food and that she will report the other crewmember. On arrival, the passenger claims he met with the flight's captain, who agreed that sharing the lunch back into coach was unacceptable but apologized for the flight attendant's actions toward him.

In an instant, the flight went from being a surprise and delight in which a crewmember made the passenger feel special ("That was my 81st United flight this year and Susan was the best flight attendant I've had all year and really made me feel special") to one in which he was made to feel like a criminal - that the airline didn't want on board.

Final Words

Susan may have given him her own supper, attempting to make a client happy as if it were 1982. Of course, if the customer had eaten the United Airlines cheeseburger, he might have put the airline on the no-fly list.

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