Morocco Tours, North Africa

Water sellers in Marrakesh, Morocco

Water sellers in Djmaa el Fna, Marrakesh, Morocco


Why take Morocco tours?

Morocco is a fascinating mix of Islamic, Arab, African, and Berber cultures with a topping of France. Add some exotic cities, eye-boggling landscapes, colourful people, excellent beaches, good trekking, plenty of interesting shopping and there’s something for everyone, especially if you’re being looked after by knowledgeable people.
Moroccans are mostly Muslim but not too obsessive about it, flights from the UK take no more than 3 hours and the time difference is negligible. Flights now go conveniently direct to Marrakesh as well as Casablanca.


– Although local people are friendly, it sometimes seems that every male over 7 years old wants to be either your guide or take you to his brother’s shop and some won’t take no for an answer.
– Speaking French is not essential, but extremely useful.
– There are many great places out of the way for which you will need to hire a taxi or arrange your own transport.

Top Sights in Morocco

***Marrakesh (aka Marrakech) is home to some terrific buildings (mostly pink), especially traditional riads, good museums and a great covered souk (market) – the best place to find good quality crafts in Morocco – but most of all Marrakech hosts Djemaa el Fna, the wackiest square in Morocco and probably in Africa, where assorted weirdos put on performances and in the evening food stalls serve excellent local cuisine. Marrakesh Pictures

**Fès is the oldest imperial city in Morocco and has the largest medina (old city) and souks in the world, with great old walls and gates. You have to get lost in this medieval maze of 10, 000 tiny streets to feel the city.
Another fine old city – Meknes, is a good day trip from Fès. Fès Pictures

***Sahara Dunes. Head past Erfoud (to Merzouga) or Zagora (to M’Hamid) to get to the dunes at the edge of the Sahara desert, and stay two or three days or more to get a real feel for the place. Sahara Pictures

***Drive the lovely Ziz Valley from Errachidia to Erfoud – then on to Merzouga and the Sahara desert. Or along the Dràa Valleyfrom Ouarzazate to Zagora and on into the desert.
Also driving between Errachidia and Ouarzazate (the Kasbah Route) with snow-capped mountains, valleys, oases, villages and kasbahs is magnificent. Visit the Todra and Dadès gorges. Road Pictures

***The Atlas Mountains. This high mountain range across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia offers spectacular year-round trekking with stops in Berber villages and low-cost guides and porters. Toubkal National Park is especially popular with its High Atlas walks only a couple of hours from Marrakesh. From there hikes ranging from 1 day to 1 week and more can be easily organised.
Driving Errachidia – Marrakech through/beside the Atlas is also highly recommended; navigation is fairly easy, the roads are uncrowded and views spectacular.