India Tours: Hints

Jaipur tourist, India

A tourist in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Why India Tours?

Massive and mesmerising India, a land full of heat, colour, magnificent structures, great beaches, bizarre festivals, massive mountains and far too many pleasant people! Backpackers love the place as they can travel there for peanuts (curried of course!), but at the same time there are some exquisite locations and extraordinary hotels offering incredible luxury holidays in India. Maharaja’s palaces, converted ancient fortresses, brilliant five star beach resorts or palaces on wheels (train wheels), India has it all, with service and cuisine to match!

India – why a tour is better than traveling solo!

• Visa acquisition is complex, pricey and time-consuming. More.

• City air pollution can often be dangerously toxic and unpleasant, mainly a product of uncontrolled traffic and industrial emissions, but also agricultural burning and forest clearance .

• Towns are often crowded, noisy, dusty and crammed with bikes and auto-rickshaws.

• There is limited food choice (with occasional questionable hygiene), especially if you don’t like Indian food, though vegetarians are unusually well-catered for.

• Travel between sights can be very time consuming as distances are huge and the transport infrastructure sometimes shaky.

• Pushy hustlers and beggars are a pervasive and depressing sight in many locations, so much so that many tourists fail to buy souvenirs that they actually want due to the marketing overkill!

• Visitors will also have to get used to men peeing almost at will in the streets and on occasion flashing their todger around.

Rajasthan – the must see state

Rajasthan is quintessential India, priority viewing, a magical, historical region the size of France loaded with extraordinary forts, extravagant Rajasthani palaces, monster moustaches, red saris, orange turbans, yellow deserts, blue homes, camel and elephant transport systems, fantastic shopping created by artisans imported by Rajput princes and amazing bedrooms owned by the same royalty but occupied now by tourists. There’re even some wildlife safari possibilities round the east side at Bharatpur and Ranthambhor. Explore the magic!
Just west of Delhi, Rajasthan is easy to get to and hard to leave.