Tours of  Morocco

Lake Yasmina, tourist descending a big dune in Sahara Desert, Merzouga, Morocco

Lake Yasmina, tourist descending a dune in the Sahara Desert at sunrise, Merzouga, Morocco

Tours of  India

The Taj mahal and a boat on the River Yamuna, India.

Tourists getting a dramatic and unusual sunset view of the Taj Mahal, way better than the usual jam-packed land visit, tho’ you’d have to do that as well in order to get a close look at the brilliant décor of colourful semi-precious stones set into white marble.


Travellers to developing countries should start with long term basic health protection. This means vaccinations against Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A.
Other vaccinations will depend on where you are going, local conditions at that time and your anticipated environment. Visitors to Yellow Fever areas such as West Africa should definitely be vaccinated against it.
Consult a health specialist. A series of jabs may take up to six weeks to complete, so get on with it!

Malaria, Dengue, Zika and other unpleasantness is at large in over 100 countries of the world. Check out how to avoid mosquitoes and other disease avoidance strategies.

And since you may be on a plane for many hours, also how do you avoid jet lag and/or DVT?!


For up-to-date government advice on unsafe areas

Americans: US Travel Alerts

Canadian: Travel Advice

Brits: Foreign Travel Advice

Australians: SmartTraveller

New Zealand: Safetravel

But note that Government warnings tend to be extremely cautious. Read the papers, watch the news, judge for yourself – travelling when things are a little hairy means fewer tourists, more room availability, less cost, more cool. Life is a gamble.

If you’re traveling to the USA and not an American citizen don’t forget that you will need to get an ESTA Visa Waiver if it’s your first time there.

Register your whereabouts when travelling abroad

Another useful service provided by FO, given the uncertainty in some parts of the world as a result of natural disasters or outbreaks of civil unrest, UK citizens may like to note an online service from the Foreign Office.

You may register the details of your trip and the person(s) travelling with you before your trip starts.

You can also register details of your family and friends so that they can be contacted in the event that you are affected by an incident whilst travelling. Visit your government’s site as above, there should be a section for registration.