Wildlife Safari November, best safaris

A man with a chameleon on his nose in Madagascar, wildlife safari November

A chameleon goes walkabout in a Berenty Reserve bar, wildlife safari November, Madagascar

Wildlife safari November is not a good month for animal viewing,  with a limited choice of great places in OK weather!

Berenty Reserve, Madagascar.
This reserve allows tourists to get closer to those wacky little mammals, lemurs and May is when trees start dropping their leaves making lemurs are easier to spot. Best May-June, September-November. Avoid December-March.

Polar wildlife

Antarctic and South Georgia cruises.
Seals, penguin, albatross, whales and more await tourists who can handle the choppy seas. Best December-January. OK November, February, March.

Fruit Bats

Squillions of fruit bats congregate at the confluence of the Musola and Kasanka rivers to roost and breed. A wild sight as clouds of these squeaky critters darken the sky.

Polar life

Churchill, Hudson Bay, Northern Canada.
Excellent bleak scenery and cool animals – polar bears, caribou, wolves, whales and seabirds. Best March – November, especially October/November for polar bear migration. Avoid the rest of the year.

Rhino and tiger safari

Royal Chitwan Park, Nepal.
Fun elephant back rides in search of tigers and rhinos; sightings of the former unlikely, the latter, probable. Best November-April.