Chile Map

Chile Map of main tourist places

Chile map of main tourist destinations. Argentina Map, (with Chile).

Why holiday in Chile?

Chile’s long and leggy bit of territory encompasses a vast number of superb, unique sights and experiences, such as the Atacama desert and its attendant pools, dunes, altiplano and super-hot geysers, kaleidoscopic Valparaiso, various sporting and adrenalin activities in the Lake District, to magnificent fjords, glaciers and exquisite mountain hikes in the south; add volcanoes, crystal nights skies and bewitching Easter Island – also known as Rapa Nui – far out into the south Pacific and this place can deliver most everything a tourist would want, even beaches, though these are hardly up to Caribbean standards.
Costs are reasonable, crime is uncommon and domestic transport works well.

However, the leggy form of Chile ensures lengthy bus journeys or costly flights, while indigenous culture is certainly not colourful compared to its northern cousins, nor is Chilean cuisine impressive – unless pies ring your Pavlovian bell.