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Guatemala Tourism Map, Central America

Guatemala’s main tourist destinations. Double click on map to zoom. Mexico is on the northwest (left) and north sides, Belize on the east side and San Salvador to the south.

Guatemala Pictures Guide

Why holiday in Guatemala?

Guatemala is one of the most florid and picturesque countries in Central America and is runner-up to Peru in Latin America.
The country embraces jungle strangled Maya pyramids from where only the roar of howler monkeys can be heard, smoking volcanoes and their attendant hot springs to ease post-climbing pains, wildlife creepy rainforests, evocative old Spanish towns and dazzling locals with strange customs.

On the downside Guatemala society is a social pyramid, with a small number of exceedingly rich and a mass of unfortunate indigents so tourists need to beware of petty crime, and on rare occasions more violent attacks, particularly in unpleasant Guatemala City. Lesson one, stay out of the City, it’s a blot on the landscape and touristically nada!