Cuba Map

Cuba Map of main tourist places

Cuba Map of  main tourist destinations

Why holiday on Cuba?

aerial view of Varadero beach, Cuba.

A view of Varadero beach in northern Cuba.

Cuba offers the bleached and bored northern person wide, warm beaches, wild watersports and plenty of sun – like other tropical islands, but Cuba is also home to old and dilapidated Spanish towns, shabby American automobiles, a dynamic and popular music scene, a riveting history, welcoming locals – and the price is right!

It’s not all good though, as cuisine is questionable, crime is possible – especially if you plan to stagger the streets of Havana after far too many mojitos, and driving around Cuba, which should be a pleasure considering the lack of vehicles on the road, is made tricky due to the absence of signposts, presumably an invasion preventative.

However, all in all Cuba should be the first call for any Caribbean tourist who likes a touch of culture along with serious beach abuse.