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Belgium Map, Europe

Belgium map of main tourist destinations and important cities. Double click on map to zoom.

Why holiday in Belgium?

This little kingdom has plenty to offer the tourist apart from Waterloo, supremely arrogant Eurocrats in Brussels and superior chocolates.
Magnificent architecture is revered and passionately preserved, while the countryside, crisscrossed with canals, lies flat out to the north but interestingly bumpy to the south.
Belgian people welcome visitors, if not to each other, due to the rivalry between the northern Flemish and the southern Walloons.
Belgian art collections are world class, as is their potent beer and their French/German fusioncuisine that turns locals into Walloon balloons.
Belgium is safe and easy to travel in, attractions are densely packed and at the end of the day Amsterdam and Paris are just a short train ride away.