Austria Map

Austria map of main tourist destinations. Double click on map to zoom.

 Austria Map: why go there

Austria works well, lacks both petty thieves and local people – the population is as little as 8 million – and has a fine collection of wonderful old towns and reach-for-the-sky mountains with easy access by road or rail from Austria as well as much of Europe.
Tourists gape at the massed gothic and baroque relics scattered around cities, especially Vienna, and line up for concerts scored by old Viennese – Mozart, Strauss, Brahms and Beethoven. . .
Museums are well presented and encyclopedic, the climate is comfortably warm in summer and acceptably cool in winter, permitting year-round activities, especially summer hiking and winter skiing.

Salzburg main square, Austria, with the castle looming, Austria map

Salzburg main square,  with the castle looming above, Austria.

 Austria Map: when to go there

Best season is  May – September for summer activities with less crowds and less heat than July/August, or December – March for a deep white winter and superb skiing.
Worst: The country is rarely over -heated or hideously overcrowded but July, August and Christmas are very busy times, while October and November can be miserable – dark, wet and grey.

Length of stay: Minimum worthwhile stay, not including flights: Vienna and Salzburg – 4 days
Recommended: At least 2 weeks to take in Vienna, Salzburg and some country/mountain activities.