Cyclades Map, islands in Aegean Sea, Greece

Map of Cyclades Islands and Aegean Sea, Greece

A non-zoomable Google/Bugbog Cyclades map of islands in Aegean Sea, Greece.

The Cyclades Islands, Greece, a little information

The Cyclades comprises 220 islands conveniently not far south of Athens so fast ferry-hopping from Athens’ port of Piraeus is easy. The name Cyclades means islands surrounding the sacred (and uninhabited) island of Delos (Cyclas in Greek), 6 miles from Mykonos and a popular day trip from that lovely island.

Located in the central part of the Aegean Sea, Greece’s Cyclades islands are a much-favoured holiday destination, with superb summer weather, some wonderful beaches and walks (e. g. Naxos), gorgeous towns (e. g. Mykonos), great party places (e. g. Ios), some culture (e. g. Paros) and staggering sights/geology/legends (Santorini).
Crete is not part of the Cyclades, nor are Skiathos or Skopelos. The last two are in the Sporades group, north of the Cyclades.

Our top three Cyclades Islands

Now that's a view! Santorini, Greece

Crete island would have been at the top of our list except that it’s not in the Cyclades islands, nor Aegean Sea, as you can see! So Santorini gets the top spot: Sitting on the edge of a (hopefully) extinct volcano that caused the Atlantis legend, Santorini doesn’t offer soft sandy beaches but is historically and visually fascinating, with brilliant panoramic views from teetering little hotels.

Mykonos windmills, Greek Islands

On the other hand Mykonos is home to a lovely little town (aka Hora, like all the other Cyclades horas!) and the island is lined with many sandy beaches, though not exactly soft. There are beaches suitable for all sorts of visitors from families to gay nudists.

Plaka beach, Naxos, Greece

As you can see Naxos is blessed with very soft sandy beaches, some large, some for nudists. It also has some a pleasant port town with some historic ruins. Another selling point is the hilly countryside that is scattered with panoramic walks, a great attraction for the Germans that love to visit.