Turkey Map for Tourists

Turkey Map with main tourist destinations

Turkey map of main tourist destinations

Why holiday in Turkey?

Turkey is a huge and enigmatic place, is it European? Arab? Asian? Depends where you are, but what is clear that this is a country dotted with fantastic sights and ancient artefacts and inhabited by a very welcoming people.

Flowers seem to burst from every crevice, the Turkish sun shines endlessly in the summertime, domestic transport works well and scenery ranges from dull to mind-boggling, beaches are pretty good, prices are low and shopping is superb, especially in Istanbul.

However! The Turkish language is a tricky Asiatic tongue and many locals don’t speak English so communication can be a problem outside resort areas.
Furthermore, small ancient sites of big interest such as Ephesus, cannot comfortably absorb the massive, bleating herds of package tourists.

Best weather: April- June, September- October. For beaches June – September. Temperatures in the eastern part of the country can reach 45C (113F) in mid summer or -12C (10F) in mid winter. The Black Sea coast is notoriously rainy and mild.
Worst: December-March (cool and wet in the west or freezing and snowy in the east).


Cappadocia offers the country’s best natural sight, a fantasy land of phallic pinnacles clustered around flat rural scenery.

Stay in Goreme or Urgup if possible, though avoid the poor value and condition fairy chimney rooms. They tend to be cramped, dark and uncomfortable. It’s better to find a room with a big view of the pinnacles.

Walking here is superb though you will be limited in range. Alternatively rent a scooter or mountain bike if you’re capable, otherwise a car for leisurely cruising around the bizarre surroundings, so take your licence with you.

Buses with guides are informative but naturally keep on moving, so don’t bother with them, this is a landscape that demands that you wander about, find your favourite view, settle down with a bottle of raki and watch the rocks grow.