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Turkey Map

Turkey map of main tourist destinations. Double click on map to zoom.

Why holiday in Turkey?

Turkey is a huge and enigmatic place, is it European? Arab? Asian? Depends where you are, but what is clear that this is a country dotted with fantastic sights and ancient artefacts and inhabited by a very welcoming people. Flowers seem to burst from every crevice, the Turkish sun shines endlessly in the summertime, domestic transport works well and scenery ranges from dull to mind-boggling, beaches are pretty good, prices are low and shopping is superb, especially in Istanbul.

The Turkish language is a tricky Asiatic tongue and many locals don’t speak English so communication can be a problem outside resort areas.
Furthermore, small ancient sites of big interest such as Ephesus, cannot comfortably absorb the bleating herds of package tourists.

Map of Cappadocia, Turkey

Map of Cappadocia ‘fairy chimney’ region, Anatolia, central Turkey.
© M. Dorrbecker.