Sri Lanka Map

Sri Lanka Map

Sri Lanka map of main tourist destinations. Double click  to zoom.

Sri Lanka Tourism

Elephants in a river. Sri Lanka map.

A common sight in Sri Lanka. Photo by Aidan Jones.

Previously known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka has a modern industrial economy and the highest per capita income in South Asia, efficiently producing tea, coffee, coconuts and rubber for export.

Tourists enjoy the  lush tropical forests, huge sandy beaches, fine ancient monuments and hilly landscapes, especially fans of tea.

As for accommodation, possibilities range from bottom-end budget places to luxury resorts so there’s plenty of choice. Tailor-made holidays to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans are quite similar and related to people of southern India, with a rich culture and friendly nature, only there are a lot less of them, and that is a good thing!

Best seasons to visit

Brihadeeswarar Temple, Sri Lanka map

Brihadeeswarar Temple, photo by Bernard Gagnon

Sri Lanka enjoys two monsoon seasons in two different regions of the island, so tourists should choose their preferred area and then select the best months to avoid heavy rains. The west and south-west coasts get rains May to September while the east coast and northern sector get them October to February. Otherwise Sri Lanka weather tends to be  sunny and dry with  average temperatures of 25-30°C on the coasts and  15-18°C in the highlands.

December to mid-April is generally the best season and most touristy time but it’s not difficult to select another time with less visitors and still fine weather.
Humidity ranges from a reasonable 60% in most areas of Sri Lanka during the dry seasons though the southwest and mountains may experience an oppressive 80%, while just about anywhere will see humidity rising to 90% at monsoon time.