Oman Map

Oman Map of main tourist places

Oman map of main tourist destinations. Map by Google, additions by Bugbog.

Why holiday in Oman?

If you want to see a traditional Gulf country this is the one. Untainted by overdevelopement or money madness and ruled by an unusually sensible and respected Sultan, this kingdom offers great beaches, rocky mountains, a classic desert, forts and friendly, tolerant locals.

And it’s safe! British ex-SAS units still rumble around the rocks, looking for trouble but rarely finding it.

However, if you’re looking for wacky, wild Arabia, you’re in the wrong place! Go next door to Yemen. Sand is in short supply, rocks aren’t. Rocks like marbles, rocks like houses, rocks around the clock.

The architectural sights are confined to forts, forts and fortresses, while small budget travellers may have a tough time.