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Malaysia Map by Peter Fitzgerald

Why holiday in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s mainland is modern, efficient and comfortable though the climate is uncomfortably hot and sticky and the sights  somewhat limited. Malaysia’s main  tourist attractions are centred on the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, the old town of Penang and its ancient relics, the cool, colonial  Cameron Highlands and the Taman Negara National Park, a buzzing rainforest with some good walking trails, though hardly loaded with wildlife.

Tourists going to Malaysian beaches are guaranteed heat and plenty of sun and sand, with clear water, terrific scuba and snorkelling.

Borneo island‘s Sarawak region is Malaysia’s wild destination, a relatively primitive environment populated by colourful Dayak tribes and covered by thick rainforest that is home to various endangered creatures such as the orang utan, as well as mountains and spectacular caves.

Prices for individual travel in Malaysia are not bad, food is excellent and tourists are fairly safe, though the country cannot compete with the brilliant cultures and sights of its neighbours, Indonesia and Thailand.