South Africa Map, Africa

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South Africa map: why holiday there?

Elephant face-off, Kruger National Park, South Africa map

Elephant face-off during a self-drive in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Big, wild South Africa and its astonishing variety of luscious landscapes, massive beaches, superb hikes, classic wines, and fine climate is celebrated by tour operators as travellers discover the efficiency and relatively low cost of holidays there but feel the need for a good tour operator’s guidance and organisation in this land which walks on the wild side.

South Africa encompasses a stunning collection of mountains and beaches, wildlife parks, an efficient infrastructure, amiable locals, tasty cuisine and great wines at a low cost.

Furthermore hiking is world class, wildlife safaris well-organised, low-traffic scenic drives sensational, surfing fantastic, and, if you’re coming from Europe, the time zone is so close jet lag is not an issue!

South Africa downsides

• Visible crime deterrents. Depressing ‘armed response’ signs, razor barb and electrified fencing remind tourists they’re not in a comfort zone. But consult locals, take care and crime need not be an issue.
• Health precautions need to be observed also. Anti-malarials in season, see Health below, but also there are a lot more dangerous animals around than in most traveler’s home towns so learn to keep your eyes open on land or in sea.