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Morocco Trivia

If you are female and getting married soon and find the thought too much to take, you may want to consider going to Morocco where it is customary for the bride at least to keep her eyes closed during the ceremony. They don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves as love in the north of the country is considered to come from the liver, not the heart.

Criminals may wish to take note that King Muley Hassan sometimes played chess on a giant board with prisoners as pieces, but rather than removing them from the board when they were taken he had them beheaded – quite a new take on the original rules from India.

Moving onto the whole body we find that Moroccans don’t traditionally have personal bathtubs but instead go to a ‘hammam’ which consists of Turkish baths in three rooms, each one hotter than the first, a kind of Moroccan steam clean.

While on the subject of toiletry matters, ‘Jannis’ are mythical creatures believed to fall asleep in the toilet and get extremely annoyed at being surpised. One should therefore approach a Moroccan toilet at night saying ‘ Rukhsa, ya Mubariqin’ which translates to ‘With your permission O Blessed Ones’. Also watch out at night for ‘Maezt Dar L’Oudou’ – ‘the Goat of the Lavatories’ particularly active and troublesome near Mosques apparently.

And by the way, the classic film ‘Casablanca’ was entirely filmed in Hollywood, with not a single scene shot in Morrocco.