Kenya Map, Africa

Kenya Map with main tourist places

Kenya map of main tourist places.

Kenya Map: why holiday there?

A lion spraying to mark his territory, a Land Rover! Maasai Mara, Kenya, Africa

A Masai Mara lion marking a tourist vehicle (with pee) as his territory, Kenya.

Kenya’s parks and professional wildlife safaris set the standard for animal watching with variety and number of national parks, variety and number of animals and superb game lodges from which tourists can comfortably and safely recover their equilibrium after a hard day in an open-top Toyota.

Kenya’s weather is mainly sunny and warm, panoramas are huge and a few hours away are a number of sperb Indian Ocean beaches.

However crime is rife in towns, especially Nairobi, whether it’s pocket-picking, muggings or car-jacking; the police are ineffective.

Thus the most common way to travel around Kenya is with a tour operator – to keep you away from the bad humans and to keep you near the good animals, which inevitably makes Kenyan wildlife safaris pricey.

Kenya: when to travel there?


Best: January-February, June-September (migration time)
OK: October-December (so-so with small rains and low prices)
Worst: March-May (big rains, animals disperse and long grass conceals the action)

When to go

Although it varies year to year, the peak migration period is from July to September: lodges are full, the prices are high and the Mara River is lined with vehicles.
In the shoulder months of May, June and October, November – the Mara is relatively free of tourists and thus much more pleasant. You may not see the wildebeest crossing, but the game on the plains is plentiful.

The best guides in the Mara believe that even during the peak of the migration they can find you vantage points away from the minibuses – although they admit these do not include the narrow passageways across the Mara River that are the subject of famous documentary footage.
However, the good guides rise earlier, leave sightings when crowds descend and, most important, can take you off the beaten track. A good tour operator will be able to connect you to a quality guide.