Holiday destinations and how we choose them

best holiday destinations - San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian-Donostia in North Spain,  possibly top of our best European Holiday destinations, is a spacious and foot-friendly city with terrific beaches – including a decent surf beach, delightful seaside walks and plenty of good value tapas, tho’ as this is a Basque city they call them pintxos (pinchos). Tips: avoid winter and don’t go there by car, finding a parking spot is not a good start to a relaxing vacation.

How we gather information and photos on holiday destinations

The bugcrew cannot claim to have visited every country or interesting city in the world but we have seen a lot over the last 15 years, initially as travel photojournalists and later as obsessive travelers, constantly in search of the next best place.

What we offer bugvisitors is destination photos and critiques based 90% on personal experience, with some pictures and information provided by friends and family.

We do update photos and check our facts on the web, of course, along with absorbing other traveler’s views as we are aware that every traveler is in their own experience bubble that may be distorted by random events, local crises or personal experiences.

For example we still regard Peru as being one of the world’s best tourist destinations even though we got sick there for a few days (avoid the ceviche! ) and then had a handful of attempted thefts – one of them successful. It’s still a fantastically colourful and must-see country!

Under no circumstances do we falsely promote anything on bugbog for financial gain, be it a hotel, a city or a service. We tell things as we find them, good, bad or ugly, as negative reviews make the positives more credible. We do, of course, have sponsors that promote their services but we try to ensure their banners are reality-based!

One more thing. . . we are a small team and believe in spending real time in a worthwhile place, we don’t just flash in and out and check a box. As a result we can’t visit a lot of destinations every year, so some photos are a little old.

But even if we cannot update the images we can update the information to a degree by collating views and reviews from a circle of contacts. Yes, that means you! If you have useful destination comments or appropriate, good quality photos, please share them with us!

Here are some links to photos and information of our favourite holiday destinations. We hope you enjoy them and find them useful!

Julian and Ikuko

Paris Town Hall grass ball, France

Paris is of course top of the tourist numbers list worldwide most years tho’ we’re expecting a drop in 2016 due to the terrorist attacks in 2015. Not that we would ourselves worry as the French are now taking their security very seriously; we live in France at the moment so we know. We see this as an opportunity for cheaper accommodation and less crowded sightseeing, not a sign from god to vacation elsewhere. The photo above is of a bizarre and clever summer exhibition in front of Paris’ Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall).

And  another thing! Bugbog’s photographic aim is always to clearly illustrate worthwhile tourist places with tourists in the frame, if there are any. Reality check! As for information we like to be simple and concise about the facts of tourist life. If you want detail, get a guide book!

best holiday destinations - Atacama Desert, Chile

The bugcrew’s original raison d’être was exotic travel. We love seriously weird people and places more than beaches or museums but have now been to just about everywhere off-the-wall but reasonably safe country (except Bhutan. That’s a pricey trip and permits tours only). This is the Atacama Desert in northern Chile and elements of the bugcrew are skinny-dipping in the hot pool, all alone for many miles.

best holiday destinations - Etosha wildlife, Namibia

We’ve visited most of the interesting, civil-war-free African countries, love Egypt and Morocco, but the wildlife on this continent is very special and needs full consideration. Our holiday destinations there include trucking around Kenya’s Maasai Mara, Tanzania’s Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater, self drive in South Africa’s Kruger National Park and self-walk with Madagascar’s lemurs and chameleons. However, we agree that the most memorable trip in Africa was self-drive around Namibia’s brilliant Etosha National Park with animal experiences galore (photo above). And then there’s Skeleton Coast and pink Sossusvlei dunes for afters. Wow!