Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey, Lake Geneva diving boy and the Alps, Switzerland

The gorgeous shore of Vevey on Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), west Switzerland, near Lausanne.

Visiting Vevey

Lake Geneva paddle steamer, Switzerland

One of the Lake Geneva paddle steamers steaming off (and they move! ) to Lausanne. The lake, also known as Lac Lema, is the largest in Europe.

Just half an hour through the verdant vine terraces of Lavaux from looming, booming Lausanne is tiny and exquisite Vevey – particularly the lengthy and brilliant lakeshore path on a summer’s day.

Mind you, on rainy days tourists might be hard pressed to find something interesting to do apart from eating and drinking.

Vevey Sights

Vevey beach and Lake Geneva, Switzerland

The town’s annual, imported beach for the price of a drink. Not the real thing but a pleasure nevertheless.

Vevey lakeside walk, Charlie Chaplin statue, Switzerland

Part of the immensely enjoyable and varied lakeside walk. Charley Chaplin and his wife Oona moved to Corsier-sur-Vevey village just up the road in the 1953 and never left. They are buried there along with Graham Greene (writer) and James Mason (actor).

Vevey lakeside bar, Switzerland

A bar with a view. Make mine a double.

Vevey pedalo port, Switzerland

The ‘port’, dealing mainly with pedalos and  speedboats (well, not exactly speedy) and the occasional paddle steamer up by the solitary tree.

Vevey Old Town

Vevey Old Town clock, Switzerland

The old town clock. The town is small enough to easily wander on foot but if you need a little speed, as in Lausanne, visitors can borrow bikes free of charge for the day from near the railway station.

Vevey Grand-Place du Marché, Switzerland

Place du Marché.

Vevey’s Grand-Place with the old town granary, now tourist office, La Grenette (1808) in the middle-distance. In the summertime the Grand-Place is pretty fully occupied with parking for visitors but on normal Tuesdays and Saturdays it’s a huge and busy market.

Vevey Nestlé and flower peacock, Switzerland

Nestlé factory.

The hideous monolith of Nestlé’s headquarters in the town are not at all camouflaged by a flower peacock. Nestlé has set up the rather dull Alimentarium Museum nearby, a history of cooking, eating, digesting and, errr, the Nestlé company.

Vevey lakeside walkway, Switzerland

The town’s calm and unhurried lakeshore. We can’t think of a Swiss town that could compete with Vevey for a romantic break of a lifetime, so long as the sun’s shining!