Switzerland Cycling, Lucerne, nein nein nein!

Cycle rental, Luzern Railway station, Lucerne, Switzerland

And it all started so well. . .

Renting bikes and picking them up at Lucerne Rail Station (Luzern Banhof) is easy and impressively efficient. The cycles were the best the bugcrew has ever seen, either new or valeted to look new, with 21 gears, hybrid tires for simple off-road use and panniers if required at no extra cost.

Cycling beside Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

The best, and almost only lakeside cycling from Lucerne, all 400m of it.

The idea was to cycle comfortably along one side of Lake Lucerne, stopping off for a swim and snack occasionally. The bikes were excellent, the problem was that the Swiss (in the Lucerne area anyway) seem obsessed by separating pedestrians from cyclists, and walkers get the lakeside track so bikers end up mostly some distance from the lake on a road. Admittedly road/bike lanes are generally well-organised and drivers are respectful of bicycles, but. . .

a) cyclists will be breathing exhaust fumes much of the time.

b) cycle lanes suddenly and abruptly disappear on busy roads, leaving inexperienced cyclists lurching all over the place in search of safe passage.

c) where are the divine views?

Disappointed! The bugcrew were much more impressed by French cycle lanes around Lake Annecy in the Alps, c’est la vie Francaise!

Cycling on a cycle track with speed camera, Lucerne, Switzerland

A Lucerne bike lane and old model speed camera.

Lucerne, Swiss cyclists, Luzern, Switzerland

Serious Swiss bikers gathering for a thigh-busting trip into the Alps.