Engelberg Pictures, Switzerland

Cow pasture, Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg cow pasture.

Visiting Engelberg

Engelberg is a small, popular, German speaking mountain resort in central Switzerland. It’s a tiny town at about 1000m (3, 300ft) but surrounded by the Swiss Alps, with adjacent Mt Titlis reaching 3, 200m (10, 00ft).
The town population of just a few thousand expands dramatically during the key seasons of summer – when hiking and mountain biking are activities du jour – and winter when snow sports take over. In spite of its diminuitive size facilities such as cable cars, ski lifts and equipment are first class and readily available.

Engelberg valley, Switzerland

Engelberg valley, Central Switzerland. Photo by Mussklprozz.

Summer activites in Engelberg

Mount Hahnen, Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg and Mt Hahnen, 2602m (8537 ft), less than an hour’s drive from Luzern/Lucerne. Photo by Simon Koopmann.

Many glorious, well-marked hiking routes, some accessible by cable-car to save on the uphill walking. But also there are theme trails such as the Brunni Tickle Trail, a 220m route for bare feet over different materials to stimulate the circulation and boost the immune system; Alpine Flower Trails at the base of Titlis with information boards (look for the red flower graphics on the map); Marmot Trail from Trubsee to Jochpass in search of wildlife such as marmots, chamois and ibex.

Then there are many mountain biking trails that are fairly tough once off the valley floor. Alternatively, for less energetic thrill-seekers try ‘devil’ biking which is just a mad downhill rush from Jochpass to Trubsee, or’trotti’ biking – taking chunky, offroad scooters down from Gerschnialp station to Engelberg.

Climbing. . there’s no shortage of big, tricky rocks for experienced climbers but Engelberg has also organised various ‘Via Ferrata’, climbing routes of varied difficulty with fixed ropes, hanging bridges and rope ladders.

And then there’s paragliding from Brunni, Furenalp and Titlis, a rope park, glacier walking, summer toboggan runs on the Ristis (near Brunni) and nordic walking.

Engelberg-Titlis map, Switzerland

Engelberg area map. Summer walking trails are marked with red lines, mountain hiking trails with red dash lines, mountain bike routes in yellow.

Switzerland Tourist Office ski map of Engelberg

Engelberg sits in a valley at an altitude of 1, 020 m (3, 346 ft). It’s barely an hour’s drive from Luzern and 90 minutes from Zurich, or 2 hours by train or 2 hours drive from Airport Kloten.

Engelberg lake, Switzerland

Engelberg lake. Photo by Roland Zumbuhl.

Best seasons

Engelberg weather

The best summer month to visit Engelberg is September with a daily average temperature of 11C (52F) and 11 rainy days. May offers brilliantly colourful alpine meadows but a daily average temperatures of 9 C (48F) and 15. 6 rainy days, while the three summer months are kind-of warm (12-14C) but have 2: 1 chance of rain. i. e. 15/16 days of rain per month. The driest months are September and October, the coldest are December to March (-3C to -6C).

Engelberg town ladies, Switzerland

The town is small (with a regular population of about 4, 000) and restrained compared to Interlaken but more closely embraced by mountains.

Engelberg monastery, Switzerland

The famous Engelberg (Mountain of Angels) monastery, founded in 1120.

Winter Season

Mt Hahnen's Brunni in winter near Engelberg, Switzerland

Mt Hahnen’s Brunni region nearby is good for walks as well as skiers and snowboarders. Photo by Gestumblindi.

Get to Brunni via cablecar, a 20-minute walk from the village, or jump the free shuttle bus that travels the route during both winter and summer seasons.

Most of Engelberg’s pistes are more suitable for advanced skiers though the Brunni ski area works well for beginners but being on the other side of the valley and south-facing Brunni doesn’t get the same quality of snow or length of season.
Off-piste skiing is popular in this part of Switzerland with some very challenging descents on the North-facing slopes leading down from Mt Titlis. These are accessible from the lifts at Titlis or Joch Pass. The ski season on advanced slopes is long compared to much of Europe, generally from the start of October to the end of May.

Engelberg, snow slopes, Switzerland

One of Engelberg’s many winter sports slopes. Photo by Gurkan Sengun.