Sweden Pictures

Stockholm Parliament, Opera House and Royal Palace.

Stockholm’s Parliament buildings along with the Opera House at top left and Royal Palace top right. Photo by Arild Vagen.

Sweden’s Main Attractions outside Stockholm

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Outside Stockholm Sweden’s list of things to do shrinks quite rapidly. Gothenburg, Uppsala university town and lovely walled Visby are the best urban attractions. Kalmar a southeasterly island, connected to Oland island is another charming medieval town with a huge history and a fantastic castle.


Goteborg port by moonlight, Sweden

Gothenburg port. Photo by Amjad Sheikh.

Göteborg – on Sweden’s west coast is the country’s largest port and arrival point for hordes of tourist vehicles, but also a quite attractive, spacious, canal-crossed city with grand buildings from varied eras, fine cultural offerings including an opera house and museums as well as Liseberg, a high quality amusement park will give the kiddies a break from culture overdose. The road to Gothenburg from Stockholm is deadly dull but the coast north of Gothenburg is rocky and appealing.


Visby walled town, Sweden

Visby’s Almedalen park, Gotland.

This southeasterly island in the Baltic Sea, 90km off Sweden’s east coast, provides some of Sweden’s best landscapes, sailing, relatively good weather, sandy beaches and the spectacular medieval walled town of Visby, with its 100 ancient churches and 3km city wall. A car is unnecessary, tourists can easily travel there by train and ferry.

Kalmar castle, Sweden

Kalmar Castle. Photo by Martin Gradler.

Sandhamn in winter, Sweden

Sandhamn in winter. Photo by Arild Vagen.

Dalarna and Värmland Provinces in the northwest, adjacent to Norway and north of Göteborg, offers the best of traditional Swedish countryside, unspoilt forests, vast crystal lakes – especially Lake Siljan – and ancient villages retaining Swedish folk customs.

Top Swedish Beaches

Langholmsbadet beach near Stockholm at a busy time, Sweden

Langholmsbadet beach near Stockholm. Photo by Holger Ellgaard.

• Near Stockholm city centre are two popular beaches, Langholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet, both with good facilities including food and recreational areas. Busy in the summer of course. Ask your hotel reception how to get there.

• Varamon beach in south Sweden is reputed to get more sun than any other beach so is a favourite destination for both locals. The beach offers plenty of soft sand, varied facilities and marine activities. To get there travel to the city of Motala and follow signs from there.

• Another excellent beach in southern Sweden is Boda on the island of Oland, connected to the Swedish mainland via Road 137 from Kalmar to Oland. Boda beach is long with fine sand, good facilities, camping and activities available, including golf.

• Sudersand is one of Sweden’s most popular beaches on the Baltic Sea, with boat rentals, marine activities, accommodation and food all available. It’s on the small island of Faro in Gotland, about 200 km (125 mi) south of Stockholm. You can get there from Stockholm via the Nynashamn – Visby ferry followed by the Farosund – Faro ferry.

• Skane region, also in the south and sometimes known as the Swedish Riviera, is famous for its variety of expansive beaches. They are easy to reach from Denmark across the Oresund Bridge.

More things to do in Sweden

Reindeer in Lappland, Sweden

Reindeer and other ‘wildlife’ viewing in Lapland. Photo by Silje B. Kinsten.

Kungsleden hiking trail in Lapland, Sweden

Hiking in Lapland, north Sweden, such as this  Kungsleden trail. Photo by Alexandre Buisse.