Ronda Old Town,  La Ciudad, Spain

Palacio, Ronda's La Ciudad, Spain

Palacio de los Marqueses de Salvatierra in Ronda La Ciudad, with palm frond left over from Easter celebrations and native American carvings.

Ronda Old Town attractions

Ronda's La Ciudad old buildings, Spain

Old town streets typical of several pueblos blancos.

Ronda's La Ciudad minaret, Spain

A tiny call-to-prayer, the Minaret de San Sebastian.

Ronda's La Ciudad and countryside, Spain

Ronda Old Town,  La Ciudad, and surrounding countryside. Two good viewpoints to see the Puente Nuevo are centre and lower right, Arco del Cristo.

More Old Town attractions

Puerta de Felipe, Ronda's La Ciudad, Spain

Puerta de Felipe V, leading onto Puente Viejo and across into the ‘new’ town.

Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor, Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor ahead, with the Town Hall on the right.

Once a mosque this is now a lavish church with some Arabic writings still to be seen on walls. Across the road is an amusing museum of Andalucia banditry and a minute away is Palacio de Mondragon, built in 1314 for Ronda’s Muslim ruler and now an impressive museum.

A traditional house in la Ciudad, Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

Another fine and traditional house in La Ciudad.

Ronda to Sevilla: 127 kms. By car/bus about 2 hours.
Ronda to Malaga: 102 kms. By train (change trains) at least 2 hours or by car/bus about 1. 4 hours.