Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

A dassie on Table Mountain, South Africa

The summit of Table Mountain with a dassie, a Rock Hyrax, aka rock rabbit. A couple of hiking trails are just visible bottom left.

Going Up  Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a totally awesome experience and deserves a whole day of gentle hiking around the 3km wide top, if the weather is fine and the Table Cloth cloud not is place!
Views change depending on which side of the rocky top you perch on – city view, Camp’s Bay beach or the mountainous Twelve Apostles range.

The cable car is expensive and the queue may be huge if the table cloth has stuffed up the ascent for a few days so tourists are waiting fro the jump-off, or you’re in the middle of the day in high season. The alternative is a three hour hike uphill on one of 350 trails. Bottom Line is you must experience the summit so plan ahead and get to the cable car early on a less-busy day (not holidays or weekends).

Cape Town cable car to Table Top Mountain, South Africa Travel

The Table Mountain Cable Car with Lion’s Head in the background and the urban sprawl of Cape Town on the right.

There is an inexpensive bar, café and restaurant at the top, or take a picnic with you.
Also remember to carry some warm gear as the top experiences sudden weather changes, cloud comes and goes freely. Expect to take a lot of pictures!

Looking at Camps Bay from the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Camps Bay, a suburb of Cape Town (out of frame to the the right).

Table Mountain views

Table Mountain path, Cape Town, South Africa

Walking on top of Table Mountain about the middle of the day. And then. . . .

The Table Cloth cloud over Table Mountain, South Africa

Suddenly the Table Cloth gets laid on the table. Seen from the top of Table Mountain.

Lions Head picnic, below Table Mountain, South Africa

Lion’s Head.

Lions Head sunset social, Cape Town, South Africa

Lion’s Head facing the other way, out to sea.

Lion’s Head sunset viewpoint is a small, relaxed, cool, non-commercial place with picnic tables well situated to catch the sunset over the ocean and a have mild walk, but not much else.