Arnhem, Groningen, Netherlands

Doorwerth medieval castle, Arnhem, Groningen, Netherlands

Doorwerth medieval castle, built 1280 AD, between Arnhem and the Veluwe Park.

Visiting Arnhem and Groningen

Arnhem is another comfortable Dutch city that was the site of a famous WWII battle between outnumbered British and Polish paratroopers and German panzer divisions. These days one of the town’s biggest attractions is an open-air museum of varied, authentic Netherlands farms.

Arnhem is near Hoge Veluwe National Park, a nature reserve (though not much wildlife other than a few deer) of forest, marshes and sand dunes, with the splendid Kroller-Muller Museum exhibiting a remarkable collection of 278 paintings by Van Gogh, along with Europe’s largest sculpture garden. The imposing St Hubertus Hunting Lodge should also not be missed.

The park covers a total area of 55 sq km and is 70 km northeast of Amsterdam.

Groningen town view, Netherlands

Groningen, a lively, cultured little town up north and invigorated by university students. Photo by C. Messier

Windmill, Arnhem, Groningen, Netherlands

Hoge Veluwe National Park. Photo by Netherlands National Service for Cultural Heritage.