Delft Pictures, Netherlands

The central square and 17th century town hall, Delft Pictures

Delft’s central square focussing on the 17th century town hall.

Things to see and do in Delft

Delft is famed for its blue and white pottery known as Delftware that is popular with tourists but, ironically, no longer desired by local people.

Delft used to be one of Netherlands’ more important cities and dates from the 13th century and is not far from Amsterdam. Best strolled on foot as the centre is a no-car zone, the Historic Walk around the old town is a winner and tourist numbers are acceptable, unlike Amsterdam in the summertime.

A typical canal, Delft Pictures

Summer crowds are still more intense so try to visit outside the peak time to explore this immaculately relaxing little Dutch burg with many ancient buildings still standing. There is a lake and inland beach nearby that is suitable for windsurfing and swimming.

Car parking near or in the the city centre is very expensive so go Dutch and rent a bike! Bikes have priority at all times. Get to the station from Amsterdam and rent a cycle there, electric bikes are also possible! Otherwise the city centre is very walkable and canal tour boats are popular. In fact you can even get canal boat taxis.

The Eastern Gate (Oostport), Delft Pictures

The Eastern Gate (Oostport) of Delft, built around 1400 and the only city gate still standing.