Waterburg Plateau, Namibia

The Waterburg Plateau road warning in Namibia, Africa

Approaching the Waterburg Plateau, conveniently between the capital, Windhoek, and Etosha National Park.

What is the Plateau?

This plateau is disappointingly ordinary compared to the bizarre magnificence of other prime sights in Namibia. The restcamp is comfortable and spacious, but the road there is dull, wildlife is minimal – a few little dik-dik deer, warthogs and some funky birds – and the walks less than exciting. There are a couple of pretty scrambling routes, particularly from the restcamp up onto the plateau where the views are magnificent, but this does not deserve a serious detour from, for example, Etosha. Better to spend an extra day or two elsewhere.


Gnu below the Waterburg Plateau, Namibia

Not a lot of wildlife in sight, especially compared to incredible Etosha.

Baboons on the Waterburg escarpment, Namibia

A scramble up to the top of the escarpment, interfacing with a baboon family and a bit of a hike along the top is the big excitement of the day.

Waterburg Plateau view, Namibia

But the view from the Plateau roof is gorgeous. Restcamp huts are just visible lower left in the picture.