City of London Pictures,  England

Map of the City of London

A map of the City of London (in grey). London city is the entire, huge urban area, in brown and grey on the map and way beyond.

What is the City of London?

high holborn, tudor buildings, City of London, England

High Holborn, Tudor buildings. And no the camera is not distorting the picture, that roofline really is wobbly.

The ‘City of London’ means the old city inside London, not London itself! It’s a little to the east of the ‘West End’ (no surprise there then! ) and mostly home to big law, business and banking operations.

Apparently dull but actually the area has many gorgeous old buildings and some wild new ones making a stunning contrast.
The zone, north of the Thames River includes St Paul’s Cathedral, the Bank of England, the ‘Erotic Gherkin’, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the hideous but culturally lively Barbican centre and the Museum of London.
Walking in The City is good at the weekend if you like to be alone in the streets with minimal pollution – except for occasional workmen and CCTV monitors! It’s best when the sun is fairly high in the sky or the tall buildings will cause many shadows.

City of London Sights

royal courts of justice, City of London, England

The Royal Courts of Justice, a Gothic pile in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

Lincoln's Inn, London, England

Lincoln’s Inn. This is one of four Inns of Court in London to which barristers of England and Wales belong and when they are called to the Bar. It’s near the Royal Courts of Justice.

the royal exchange, City of London, England

The Royal Exchange’s Corinthian columns, founded in 1566. The London Stock Exchange building glitters on the left.

bank of england, City of London, England

The Bank of England. Quite discreet signage my lord! This is the UK’s central bank, established in 1736 as The Bank of England but also known as The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street.

ancient pub, City of London, England

A superb, ancient, though hardly unique, public house (in other words a pub) in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, conveniently opposite the Royal Courts of Justice for the bigwigs (literally) to let their hair down (literally) over a beer and pie.

the gherkin, City of London, England

The Swiss Re (insurance) building but more commonly known as the (Erotic) Gherkin, this is the most famous example of modern architecture in The City.

old gateway in City of London, England

Old gateway

piano player, st paul's cathdral, City of London, England

No, not a busker but a tourist taking advantage of a technicolour piano left for passers-by to play with between St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge, on the edge of The City. Awesome idea and a big hit with players and audience!