Science Museum, London, England

Simple, clear genetic information (among many other subjects) in London's Science Museum, England

Why do you look like that? Genetic Studies and Romance in the Science Museum.

Visiting the Science Museum

The Science Museum showcases scientific and technology development throughout the ages along with a wing of cutting edge technology. It’s free of charge, in central London very close to both the Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum.

A boy exploring the difference between solid and liquid materials, science Museum, london, England

An embryonic scientist exploring the difference between solid and liquid materials.

Top Attractions

Exploring Space; The Secret Life of the Home (wacky gizmos); Apollo 10 Command Module; Harle Sykes Red Mill Engine (Energy Hall); Puffing Billy (the world’s oldest steam locomotive); Babbage Difference Engine (computers and maths); Who am I? (brain science and genetics); Launchpad (core science principles for kids); IMAX 3-D Cinema; Pattern Pod (kids under 8).

Entry Free!

Stephenson's Rocket Locomotive in Science Museum, London, England

Stephenson’s Rocket Locomotive, the avante-garde template for steam powered passenger locomotives in 1829. Top Speed 29mph.

animatronic display of steam ploughing, science museum, london, england

A small animatronic display of steam ploughing in 1858.

A personal transport concept vehicle in science Museum, London, England

A personal transport concept vehicle from Toyota.

An interactive display on human materials, science Museum, London, England

An interactive display on human materials.

The Science Museum’s Wellcome Wing

Interactive Brain and Genetic exhibits in the Science Museum, London, England, UK

This is a four floor zone at the far end of the museum’s more traditional object-rich displays, featuring new technology and science exhibits, demonstrations and hands-on educational games.

Wellcome’s ground floor is more prosaic with an F1 car, constantly updated tech news, an Apollo space simulator, kid’s spaces such as the Pattern Pod and a large dining area.
The second floor is about Atmosphere: exploring climate science and offers a totally immersive experience. We hope that doesn’t mean enjoying a tsunami from the inside.
The third floor is called In Future, offering a glimpse of the future and a handful of games demonstrating potential technology.

3 floor atrium in Science Museum, London, England

Outside the Wellcome Wing the museum’s layout is more traditional, such as the ground floor Energy Hall, first floor and second floors.

the time-eating clock in Science Museum, London, England

The Time-Eating Clock, also known as the ‘Midsummer Chronophage Clock’.

This is one of two clocks in the world to show the experience of relative time. In other words it runs at different speeds at different times but always shows the hour on time, err. . . we think. The Chronophage insect greedily gobbles up every minute to show time disappearing at pace.

Science Museum Opening Hours: 10. 00 to 18. 00 daily. Closed 24, 25 & 26 December.
Address: Exhibition Rd
South Kensington
London SW7