Lucca Pictures, Italy

Lucca city walls, Tuscany, Italy

The entirely intact Lucca town wall, Tuscany, Italy.

Visit Lucca

Lucca’s over-the-top Renaissance walls and interesting little town are just 17km (10miles) from its historical enemy, tourist-clogged Pisa, yet gets barely a whiff of alien intruders. The town was most powerful from the 11thC to the 14thC due to the rich local agriculture and the silk trade, till it was captured by Pisans.
These days Lucca – birthplace of Puccini – is comfortably affluent and still specialises in silk.

Walking Lucca city walls, Tuscany, Italy

The car-free top of Lucca’s town wall – the inside wall is seen in this photo – makes a delightful exercise route.

Lucca attractions

• The stupendously complex and ornate facade of the church of San Michele in Foro

• The interiors of various churches but especially the Duomo

• The odd circle of ancient apartments of Piazza Anfiteatro

• The 44m (130ft) high 15thC tower of Guinigi with a holm oak growing off its roof

• And of course the magnificent town wall that makes an excellent shaded, circular promenade.

Piazza Anfiteatro

Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca, Italy

Piazza Anfiteatro, a circle of medieval apartments built onto the foundations of a Roman amphitheatre in Lucca town.

Torre Guinigi

Lucca street and Torre Guinigi, Tuscany, Italy

The Torre (Tower) Guinigi in central Lucca, with its ancient oak tree roots growing down into the room below.

View from top of Torre Guinigi, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

In the shade of the old oak tree. . . The toppermost floor of Torre Guinigi, the strange and wonderful Luccan tower.

Lucca Cathedral

Lucca Cathedral, Tuscany, Italy

Lucca Cathedral in Piazza San Martino, the lovely 11th century Duomo, in a typically elaborate Pisa-Romanesque architectural style.

Lucca Cathedral, Piazza San Martino, Tuscany, Italy

Piazza San Martina and Lucca’s Duomo, with monthly antique market (the 3rd Saturday/Sunday of each month).

Lucca Duomo detail, Tuscany, Italy

Inside the free-to-enter cathedral are some interesting artefacts (though no photos allowed! ), such as the Volto Santo, a revered, black, 13th century crucifixion effigy set on a more modern and very unusual sparkly, circular cross.
There are several spectacular paintings in the cathedral (which you may have to illuminate by paying . 50c to switch on the power) including Ghirlanaio’s Madonna and Saints. and Pisano’s Journey of the Magi.
Bugbog was, however, not impressed by the pay-to-enter tomb of Ilaria del Carreto and its marble portrait of Guinigi’s bride.

San Michele in Foro

Basilica of San Michele in Foro, Lucca, with a glass of prosecco, Italy

Set in the old Roman Forum and the centre of town, the spectacular church of San Michele in Foro, 11th-14th centuries, is viewed through a sparkling and inexpensive Prosecco lens.

San Michele in Foro detail, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

A little detail of San Michele’s exquisite and varied facade, in Lucca town centre and – IMHO – beating the cathedral’s equally ornate frontage for inlaid-marble detail, style and humour.

Cycling on Lucca

Bike rentals in Lucca cost about €2. 50 per hour or €12. 50 per day and the place is perfect for cycling, just remember to get a bike lock from the shop dude when you take the bike.

Piazza Napoleone during a rock concert, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

One of many summer concerts in Lucca’s gorgeous and normally tranquil Piazza Napoleone, as Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) blows all the fuses in the neighbourhood.

That’s the end of these Lucca Pictures but Florence and Pisa are just down the road!