Skopelos Beaches, Greece

Skopelos town street, Greece

Skopelos town on a busy September afternoon.

Next to Skiathos and still in the Sporades islands, Skopelos island has its fans. It’s bigger than Skiathos, with the same pine tree rockscapes but a more tranquil, rustic air and a charming, lazy town. Many, however, would find it a little too lazy, well short of variety and action, though suited to those who prefer a quiet life.

Skopelos' only road, Greece

Skopelos’ only road.

Beaches are accessible via the one hardtop road on the island and are mostly small, pebbly and way less attractive than those on Skiathos. The best of the bunch is Limnonari and the worst Skopelos town beach. Buses cover the route regularly, though personal transport makes life a lot easier.

Limnonari beach, Skopelos, Greece

Our choice of best beach on the island, the soft sand and protected waters of Limnonari beach in September.

Stafilos beach, Skopelos, Greece

Stafilos, the best beach within walking distance of the little town. Visited at high tide we assume.

Milia beach, Skopelos, Greece

Milia beach and its delicate shingle outlook.

skopelos pictures, Greece

Panormos beach with plenty of holiday apartments and villas for rent nearby.

Skopelos high view, Greece

Travellers from Skiathos beware boats, especially hydrofoils, being diverted from the town’s breezy harbour to Agnontas, a tiny, sheltered port on the other side of the island.

This is quite common and a free bus service is supposed to take passengers on to the town. It is not unusual, however, to be abandoned in Agnontas bay with no information, no transport, no English language and no care in the world.

Limnonari beach, Skopelos, Greece

Limnonari beach, Skopelos town. Not the most attractive Greek beach we’ve ever seen.

Skopelos town buildings, Greece

Skopelos town,  the only town on the island is pretty and tranquil but hardly lively. Just so you know…

Skopelos island panorama, Greece

Island panorama, allergy sufferers, beware, the pines tees are a killer!