Skiathos Town, Greek Islands

A herd of Skiathos tourists arrive at their apartments, Skiathos, Greece

A herd of Skiathos tourists arrive at their apartments, already fighting over the poolside loungers.

How is Skiathos Town?

The main town on Skiathos island, is known as Skiathos Town, Hora or Chora (Greek for town/village), is busy and in parts tacky, but still retains a labyrinthine charm, especially after dark when little restaurants pop out onto little streets and little goats come out to play. Facilities are excellent with plenty of accommodation and restaurants ranging from dead cheap through shabby-chic to stylish and upwards to silly money establishments.

Skiathos port, Greece

Skiathos Port.

The British descend on Skiathos en masse in the summertime, by high speed ferry from Thessaloniki, Volos and Agios Konstantinos on the Greece mainland, flights from Athens or charter flights from other European countries, but the great numbers of holidaymakers somehow fade quickly into the town, reappearing only when the sun goes to rest and you need a table with a breeze and a view but they’re all taken by char-broiled Mancunians already deep into their second bottle of Ouzo.

Skiathos town view, Greece

Skiathos Town and port gives easy access to other Sporades islands such as Skopelos (10 minutes away), Skyros and Alonissos, by regular high or low-speed ferries.

Skiathos town at night, Greece

Lounging bars down near the port, a refreshing environment enjoyed by all, including families.

restaurant, Skiathos, Greece

Decent restaurants abound with differing cost and quality levels. But we still prefer the taramasalata available from supermarkets in the UK!

Holiday apartments near Troulos beach, Skiathos, Greece

A cluster of holiday apartments conveniently located just off Troulos beach.