Greece Pictures

Dog and pig asleep on a beach, Greece

Best buddies enjoying a siesta,  Greece pictures.

Greece pictures: why go all that way?

santorini caldera, greece

Greece offers an amazingly rich history as the home of democracy and of Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Hades, Pan, Eros, Aphrodite, Theseus, Odysseus, Jason and the Argonauts, Atlantis, the Spartans, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes, Hippocrates, the advanced Minoan civilisation, stunning architectural and artistic designs, Drama and Chaos. And the Olympics of course.

These days Greece is more likely to mean a low-rent holiday on an idyllic island and days spent slumped on a soft sandy beach beside turquoise blue sea or wandering around ancient sun-bleached ruins before taking the edge off with an iced ouzo.

Relaxing on a Skiathos beach, Greece

Greece is peppered with over 1, 000 islands of which 227 are inhabited and many of which are famously beautiful, good value, serve interesting food, have fast and efficient ferries, are invariably sunny in summertime and enveloped by mostly clear, warm waters washing onto over 350 sandy Blue Flag beaches or sculpted rocks.

Greece pictures: Athens

Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Athens, Greece

The Tomb of Unknown Soldier in central Athens.

The cradle of Western civilisation, Athens, has suffered a few bad years due to Greece’s economic problems and EU imposed austerity measures but this ancient city remains an essential destination for culture tourists. And night life isn’t that bad either. . . in fact Athens embraces a good selection of new-wave bars, cafés and restaurants from urban-chic bars in Monastiraki district (below the Acropolis) to ultr-modern lounge-bars and fusion-food restaurants in the Kolonaki district.

Greece pictures: Meteora

Grand Meteora Monastery, greece

Meteora monasteries not far from Athens on mainland Greece.

Meteora is one of the most outstanding attractions in Greece, a cluster of monasteries perched on rock pinnacles northwest of the Greek capital, Athens. Built around the 14th century as a defensive measure, they are easy to visit from Athens via asphalt roads and a bit of a climb in some cases.

Couple on a beach, Sarti, Halkidiki, Greece

Halkidiki on mainland Greece, up north.

Halkidiki is a rural fist striking out into the north Aegean Sea with three fingers. These fingers are, from the south heading north, Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.
Access to all three is usually via Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki, an hour or three by bus or car on good roads, depending on the destination. Halkidiki is also known as Chalkidiki or Chalcidice.