Agadir and other beaches, Morocco

A Moroccan life guard monitoring the beach near Sidi Kaouki, Morocco

A Moroccan life guard monitoring the beach near Sidi Kaouki, between Essouaira and Agadir beaches.

Agadir beaches

Agadir beaches are blessed with almost guaranteed sunshine (even in winter only 5 days a month see some rainfall; in summer it’s one day a month); no shortage of sand (albeit a bit harsh and busy); good value beach resort accommodation, especially all-inclusive beach holidays; warm waters; direct flights from many European airports including cheap flights from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and others.
The journey from Almassira Airport to Agadir takes about 20 minutes by taxi, bus or rental car. The distance is 26 kms.

There is a Casablanca-Marrakech-Agadir toll expressway. The full length is 453 kms (281 miles) and the Casablanca-Marrakech section is 219 kms (137 miles).

Agadir bay and beach resorts, Morocco

Agadir bay and beach resorts.

Agadir Bay and other beaches

Agadir beach, Morocco

Agadir beach at a busy time. Photo by Csorfoly D.

The six-mile gentle curve of Agadir bay is lined with masses of good value hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs.
The city itself is on a different planet from real Morocco, which is a good thing for some and not so good for others. Demolished by an earthquake long ago, Agadir had a modern rebuild, out with the grubby little streets, in with wide, palm-fringed boulevards and whitewashed houses.

Other more-or-less developed beaches near Agadir are: Tamaounza (12 km); Aitswal beach, Imouran (17 kms); Taghazout (19kms); Bouyirdn (20kms); Timzguida (22kms).

There’s plenty of less trodden sand around if you’re on a budget or want to escape the mooing herds and don’t mind a lack of facilities. Fishing villages are always a good bet for a cheap and cheerful Moroccan reality check.

Agadir best seasons

Agadir has an arid climate with warm summers and mild winters. The daytime temperature is almost always in the 20Cs (70Fs), with the winter highs about 21C (70F) and night lows of about 8C (47F); mid summer highs average around 26C (79F) and lows 18C (64F).
May – September gets almost no rainfall while other months see about 5 days a month including the wettest, December, at 2. 3 inches over 5. 6 days.

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki beach, Morocco

Sidi Kaouki beach, 17 miles south of Essauoira and 93 miles north of Agadir.

This diminuitive Sidi Kaouki fishing village makes an ideal board and kite surfing destination with a fresh breeze just about all year and lots of budget accommodation, as well as some amazingly pricey riads.

Sidi Kaouki beach and village, Morocco

Sidi Kaouki beach and rapidly developing village.


Essaouira port, Morocco

Essaouira port.

Essaouira is a kind of low-key Marrakech and has a great reputation as a laid-back town with plenty of interest in the medina (old town) but it’s hardly a beach destination unless you’re on a board and just love a stiff breeze. The beach mainly makes an appearance at low tide and is less-than-inviting. Either stay here and trip down to Sidi Kaouki for the day or stay there and do Essaouira for the day, depending on your beach priorities. That being said, Sidi Kaouki is hardly windless. .

The coast road to Dakhla and beyond, Morocco

The coast road to Dakhla and beyond where the camels are built by Mercedes but the beaches are really wild.