Kajuraho Pictures Guide, India

Ancient Javari Hindu temple in Khajuraho, Uttar Pradesh, India

An ancient Javari Hindu temple in Khajuraho, Madya Pradesh state, north India. Photo by Jeremy Richards

Visiting Khajuraho

This village is a bit off the beaten track but well worth a trek 600 kms (385 miles) south-east of Delhi. It’s a magnificently calm UNESCO World Heritage Site of gorgeously proportioned and fascinating erotic Hindu and Jain temples.
Khajuraho temples were built around 1, 000 AD and 25 remain out of 80 – many were destroyed by Muslim invaders in later years – in an area of 21 sq kms (8 sq miles).

Khajuraho temple, Langur monkey, India

A Langur monkey romping on a Kajuraho temple. Photo by Igor Bakman.

Khajuraho Erotic Sculptures

Only 10% of sculptures on these temples are adorned with sexually explicit activities, and none of them have erotic themes inside the structures, only outside. Furthermore, those participating are clearly not deities, just regular, well-developed mortals – who have few inhibitions.

Warning: lower down the page are pictures of beautifully carved but very explicit 1, 000 year-old sculptures.

Khajuraho temple, Elephants in love carvings, India

Elephants in love, aaahh. It’s not all about lust then. Photo by Lester Woodward.

A woman at a Khajuraho temple, Madhya Pradesh, India

An Indian woman learning a thing or two in Khajuraho. Photo by Guillermo Garcia.

a Khajuraho temple wall with massed scenes of an explicit nature.

One of the more exciting temple walls in the Khajuraho complex.

One theory to explain the mass of erotic images is that India was going though a period of attritional war between states and the Maharajas were running out of men to fight as well as farm, so the local ruler encouraged temple builders to make their art forms more, err. . stimulating, in order to promote a higher birth rate. Looks like it worked because India is now a very crowded place!

Close-up photo of Lakshamana temple wall in explicit detail,India.

The Lakshamana temple, exterior wall detail. Photo by Aotearoa.