Kerala, India

Kerala backwaters boating, India

Kerala backwaters with houseboats, a popular holiday experience in south India.

Visiting Kerala

Kerala tourism is mostly about relaxing on palm-fringed beaches in this little but lush state , surrendering to Ayurvedic massage (a Kerala speciality), hiking (or paragliding) over lush Munnar tea plantations or gently cruising the tropical backwaters, rather than trudging around lingam-heavy temples or raucous cities.

It is worth dragging yourself off the steaming sand or soporific houseboat to see ancient, local Hindu traditions of music, dance or religious festivals which are invariably kaleidoscopic jamborees of borderline insanity.

Varkala Beach, Kerala, India

Varkala Beach

Boating on the Kerala backwaters in India’s far southwest is one of the most relaxing and delightful activities a tourist can enjoy during an India holiday though it comes way behind the Golden Triangle on most bucket lists and is mainly experienced by travelers who are spending a month or more in the country.

The backwaters are a series of calm natural lagoons and lakes, partially salty, that have been connected by canals to form a waterway stretching hundreds of kilometres along half of Kerala’s length. On either side of the backwaters rural Indian life drifts quietly on, fishing, duck, coconut and coir farming, while foreign travellers chug by.

Chinese fishing nets, Kerala, India

Chinese fishing nets, visible both on backwater trips or along the coast around Fort Cochi.

Kerala Map

Kerala backwaters map, India

A backwater cruise can be accomplished in various ways. Cheapest (but noisiest) is simply jumping on a ferry at Allepey (aka Alappuzha), climbing onto the roof and chilling out till Kochi (Cochin).
Alternatively find a tourist boat for a more comfortable trip with sensible stops and guides. Or, time permitting, rent a kettuvallam houseboat and have a really relaxing trip. Alappuzha is the primary port to scout for trips.

Kovalam beach, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Kovalam beach, Trivandrum.

Kerala Attractions

Munnar tea plantations, Kerala, India

Munnar tea plantations.

Paragliding in Munnar, Kerala, India

A cool way to get high in Munnar.

Piercing festival in Allepey, Kerala, India

Locals enjoying having their cheeks pierced with steel rods in Allepey.

Elephants enjoying a festival in Cochin, Kerala, India

Elephants also enjoying a festival in Cochin.

Weighing a woman against coconuts in Cochin, Kerala, India

Measuring a woman against a bunch of coconuts in Cochin. This is a local Maharaja’s tradition.

Kerala best seasons

Basically the best season to travel to this state is October-March, the coolest time. However, accommodation prices will rise quite steeply from mid-December to mid-January. October is soon after the monsoon so the region should be nice and green and the backwaters full. During February and March you should be able to see many decorated elephants for festivals.