Hampi Travel, Karnataka

Hampi, Karnataka, India

Hampi village’s lush location in north Karnataka state, not far from Goa’s Beaches.

Why Hampi travel?

Hampi village is situated inside the extensive, monumental ruins of the capital city of the Vijayanagara empire which controlled much of southern India from 1336 to 1646.

This is a little-visited UNESCO World Heritage Site, a delightful change from most of the historical India tourism, a place where wandering in calm contemplation is actually possible (apart, perhaps,  from affluent begging kids! ).
Try that in Agra, Jaipur, or Varanasi!

Hampi, ancient city centre, Karnataka, India

The village does have two busy festival occasions when crowds will appear: every February there is a chariot (temple cars carrying idols of Hindu gods) festival and in December betrothal/marriage celebrations.

Hampi sights

Hampi, nearby landscape, Karnataka, India

The Hampi region is unspoilt, rocky and attractive and ancient monuments are scattered around 30 sq kms so plan on a lot of walking if possible, and/or hire a rickshaw, car, motorcycle or bicycle (though the last is a very hot option).

Hampi, Coracle ferry, Karnataka, India

A couple of sights are on the Anegondi side of the river that may require a coracle ferry crossing.

Hampi, buildings, Karnataka, India

Some of the better-preserved buildings.

The Dancing Girl's Bath, Hampi, Karnataka, India

The Dancing Girl’s Bath. Photo by Dey Sandip.

There is a variety of budget and middling accommodation and restaurants but alcohol is not for sale as this is a religious centre.

Hampi's obnoxious guardian, Karnataka, India

The local obnoxious guardian.

More Hampi sights

Manmatha Water Tank, Hampi, Karnataka, India

Manmatha Tank.

Vittala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India

A part of the Vittala Temple. Photo by Ilya Mauter.

A Hindu deity, Hampi, Karnataka, India

A Hindu deity © Ilya Mauter.

Hampi's natural laundry Karnataka, India

Washing clothes nearby in the Tungabhadra River.

Hampi village dyes, Karnataka,India

Village vegetable dyes.

Getting There

– Fly, the nearest airport is Bellary.

– Train, the nearest railway station is 13kms away at Hospet Junction, with frequent, comfortable night trains from Bangalore, Hyderbad and Goa.

– Bus, daily to Hospet from Bangalore, Mysore and Gokama, then take a local bus to Hampi.

– Rent a car, and drive with great care from Bangalore and Hyderbad – 360kms away (225 miles), or Mumbai which is a hefty 800 kms (500 miles).