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France Pictures

Marseille statue reaching for the sun, South of France

Marseille, South of France.

France Pictures of main attractions

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Driving to/through France, hints and links on ferries, tolls, speeding controls, insurance.

Loire Valley, Chateau Chambord, France

Loire Valley, central France, a lush and lovely stretch of varied and stunning chateaux in a rural landscape

Paris, Seine River, France

Paris, France, a selection of large photos of tourist attractions with useful compact information.

Carcassone Chateau, France

Carcassonne, south France, a massive and truly Disneyesque castled village a bit off the beaten vacation track.

Antibes port statue, France

Antibes, Cote d’Azur, delightful old town, port and sandy beaches. Also known as Angletibes due to the number of Brits living there.

Nice, Promenade des Anglais, Cote d

Nice, Cote d’Azur, one of our favourite French cities, big, lively, interesting, fantastic promenade but stony beaches.

Ile Rousse beach, Corsica, France

French beaches, a huge range of photos and information from the Atlantic coast to the Côte d’Azur and Corsica island.

Aix-en-Provence street, France

Aix-en-Provence, pretty and entertaining though not exactly our cup-of-tea! Decide for yourself from our images.


Avignon, Provence, now that’s more like it! A fantastic walled city with amazing palace, bridge and history!

Arles and the Rhone River, Provence, France

Arles, Provence, small, quiet but loaded with history and imbued with art.

St Tropez view, Cote d

St Tropez, Cote d’Azur, we’re not fans of this elitist town or the traffic tourists need to plow through to get there. And we have the photos to prove it!

Cannes west beach, Cote d

Cannes, Cote d’Azur, too much hype but good beaches, great restaurants and staggering firework displays.

Menton market building, Cote d

Menton, Cote d’Azur, tiny, tranquil and at the Italian end of the French Riviera, Menton offers pretty, shingly beaches and quiet nights. And that’s how they like it.

Biarritz main beach, France

Biarritz, Atlantic coast way down south, this is surf city France and buzzing core of French Basqueness and terrific seafood.

St Jean de Luz houses, France

St Jean de Luz, Atlantic coast, a secret delight, serene and beautiful seaside town on the Spanish border, near Biarritz, with fantastic beaches.

Arcachon, Dune de Pyla, France

Arcachon, north Atlantic coast, a small seaside town that only springs into life in the summer but adjoins the most awesome dune in France.

Verdon Gorge river and canoeists, France

Verdon Gorge, south France, near the Côte d’Azur, a mini Grand Canyon with fantastic precipitous drives, hikes and excellent river activities.

Pont du Gard and family beside the river, France

Pont du Gard, south France near Avignon, this attraction is a staggering Roman aqueduct with lovely walks and bike trails fanning out into verdant countryside.

Nimes canal, France

Nimes, south France, worth a look for tourists passing by by don’t make a huge effort.

boy on an Annecy lake beach, France

Annecy, northeast France, near Geneva and the Alps, this lakeside city has a gorgeous old town and brilliant lake shore walks, beaches, bike tracks and gliding.

Saint-Paul de Vence statue, France

Saint-Paul de Vence, Cote d’Azur, another popular, cute walled town near Nice, much favoured by celebrities.

a Perfume factory in Grasse, France

Grasse, Cote d’Azur, fans of perfume may enjoy the free tours of historic perfumeries but we think the town is an overcrowded, uninteresting, traffic-heavy dump.

Eze garden, village and Mediterranean sea, Cote d

Eze village, Cote d’Azur, it’s not a real living village but this medieval village hanging over the French Riviera is sensational and a tourist-must-see.

Corsica island, Corte old town, France

Corsica island in the Mediterranean, we love the place, a couple of hours by car ferry from Nice. Brilliant beaches, hikes and rock formations.

Abbaye de St Victor, Marseille, France

Marseille, the biggest port on the Mediterranean, is a surprise: sights, culture, old town, beaches and easy walking. No gangsters visible!

French tourism is the number one European holiday target, competing with Britain for English-speaking travellers but winning the tourism war generally with its array of monster attractions – gloriously romantic Paris, warm and relaxed Côte d’Azur towns and beaches, the chateaux studded Loire Valley, endless little fortified villages, fine skiing, mad paragliding or spectacular hiking in the mighty French Alps, surfing on the Atlantic coast, burning on the beaches, lazily slurping fine wine and enjoying excellent cuisine at good prices everywhere, these are some of the ways to learn about France’s joie de vivre.