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Lake Geneva at Vevey in Switzerland, Europe attractions.

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Worst value European Cities

Scandinavia in general but Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Iceland in particular.

The 8 lowest cost, touristic cities/countries Western Europe 2017

1. Portugal  offers fine beaches in the Algarve region and terrific ancient sights in Lisbon and to the north.

2. Greece’s economy is still in the toilet so Athens and the Greek Islands are great value.

3. France is new to the low-cost Europe list, especially Strasbourg, Lille and Nice.

4. Spain hosts masses of amazing attractions, lots of sunshine and great value – particularly on the Costa del Sol – though the most popular tourist places such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, San Sebastián-Donostia are inevitably a bit pricier.

5. Italy’s prices are reasonable this year, headed by Rome and Venice.

6.The UK is in the cheapo charts, led by Edinburgh and even London, though the pound is on the rise against the euro so these places may disappear from the budget list soon.

7. Another unusual entry in the low-cost scene is Switzerland’s Geneva.

8. Finally the Netherlands and Amsterdam make an unusual appearance.

Eastern Europe travel is much cheaper than Western Europe, though outside the normal tourist comfort zone.

Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia all offer very cheap lifestyles, small cities with big architectural attractions and an an old-Europe feel including old world prices but also old world wobbly infrastructure. It’s an adventure!

Our choice of  10 best cities in Europe

Paris, France

Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy.

Barcelona and Seville, Spain

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prague (Czech Republic).

London, England

Vienna (Austria).

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