Visit Yorkshire, England

Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales, England. Photo Kreuzschnabel

Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales, North England. Photo Kreuzschnabel

Yorkshire Things to Do

North England hosts some superb hiking, biking and riding in magnificently satisfying expanses of rolling green scattered with old villages, ancient dry-stone walls and rampant sheep but can be wind and rain blasted so a certain tolerance of variable weather conditions – and clothing to suit- is useful for full enjoyment of this grand landscape.

The best outdoor action in North England – apart from the stunning Lake District or a stroll along Hadrian’s Wall on the Scottish border – is in the Dales to the west or the bleak North York Moors on and around the east coast.

Kidsty Pike, Yorkshire Dales England. Kreuzschnabel

Kidsty Pike in The Dales,  a terrific activity base if ever-changing weather is not a problem – hiking, biking, riding, gliding. Photo by Kreuzschnabel

Ilkley moor, Cow and Calf Rocks, Yorkshire, England. Photo Jon Farman

Ilkley moor, Cow and Calf Rocks.  Photo Jon Farman. Ilkley Moor (the highest part of Rombalds Moor) in West Yorkshire, near the spa town of Ilkley, was the inspiration for the well-known Yorkshire song ‘On Ilkla Moor Bah ‘tat’. Apart from moorland hiking and occasional climbing  there are prehistoric rock carvings in the neighbourhood.

Gordale Scar, Yorkshire, England. Photo Nilfanion

Walking the Gordale Scar, Yorkshire Dales. Photo Nilfanion

A few Yorkshire places to visit

Bronte Parsonage museum, West Yorkshire, England. Photo DeFacto

Bronte Parsonage museum, West Yorkshire, England. Photo DeFacto

Haworth’s blackstone village is a literary pilgrimage point on the moors, the Georgian home of the Bronte sisters and approximate setting of classics such as ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Jane Eyre’; Haworth and neighbouring moors give Bronte lovers a real taste of the environment that inspired the best sellers and films.

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, England. Photo Tilman

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire. Photo Tilman.

Castle Howard is not so much a castle as a stately home, though the previous structure here was a true defensive castle. Howard is  15 miles (24 km) north of York. Castle Howard is a popular set for television period dramas and the occasional film. Brideshead Revisited was filmed here.

Scarborough seaside town, North Yorkshire, England. Photo Tim Green

Scarborough seaside resort, northeast Yorkshire. Photo Tim Green

The county’s number one city attraction is medieval York, once England’s second city.
Sheffield is another worthwhile large city, though not of the ancient sort, more of a well-regenerated industrial city with some terrific new architecture and exuberant nightlife.
Otherwise the best urban offerings are smaller, tranquil historic towns such as Scarborough, Whitby and Harrogate.

Pub beside Standedge canal tunnel, Yorkshire, England. Photo RevDave

Typical stone architecture seen here as a pub/restaurant beside Standedge canal tunnel. Photo RevDave.