Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Bournemouth Pictures, beaches and pier, Dorset, England

Bournemouth Pier and beach seen from the lush Westcliff, a green space that is under-used by visitors. The cliff runs more-or-less to Sandbanks alongside the promenade and is interrupted only by ‘chines’, steep old river valleys that are well wooded and attractive and a common route to different beaches.

Why holiday in Bournemouth?

Town center, Bournemouth Pictures, Dorset

Bournemouth, Dorset. Old Christchurch Road, a pedestrian shopping street in the town centre showcasing some fine traditional architecture.

Bournemouth is a large and popular south coast beach resort in the county of Dorset, generally green, affluent and lacking both heavy industry and violent crime.

Bournemouth enjoys a relatively fine micro-climate (arguably the best in the UK though Weymouth disagrees), some ancient sights/sites such as Maiden Castle, the Cerne Giant and Corfe Castle, sea views from chalk cliff-tops, some excellent beaches and rolling, undeveloped rural countryside.

A bank survey a few years ago indicated that Bournemouth was the happiest place in England, which sadly isn’t saying much. Then again surveys also have concluded that old folk are the happiest generation and there are plenty of them in this affluent and conservative region who would agree.

The town is easy to reach by rail or the M3 motorway – just 100 minutes from London.

Bournemouth Town Centre

Pleasure Gardens, Bournemouth Pictures, Dorset

Bournemouth’s Lower Pleasure Gardens and pier approach, connecting the beach, promenade and pier to the town centre. The watercourse is the Bourne Stream.

Town Centre, Bournemouth Pictures, Dorset

An old-fashioned shopping arcade.

Town Centre, Bournemouth Pictures, Dorset

The town centre: The Square and Lower Pleasure Gardens to left, with pier and beaches five minutes pleasant walk away. The Upper Gardens are to the right.

bournemouth lower gardens dorset, england

Bournemouth’s Pleasure Gardens, stretching from The Square to the promenade and the sea.

The Middle and Upper Gardens make a peaceful and attractive green belt  running from Bournemouth Square upstream for a couple of miles to Coy Pond, including tennis courts and other activities, another asset under-used by tourists to Bournemouth.

The Beaches

Bournemouth beaches coastline, Dorset, England

Bournemouth beaches are 7 miles long, most of it coated with wide, soft cream sand and bordered by a wide promenade. The prom makes a terrific walking route but also houses rental beach huts, shower and toilet facilities, kiosks, bars and restaurants.  Several of the beaches are  Blue Flag status – Alum Chine beach, Durley Chine beach, Fisherman’s Walk beach and Southbourne beach.

Alum Chine beach, Bournemouth Pictures, Dorset

Alum Chine beach,  perhaps a couple of miles from the pier and town centre but directly connected by the promenade and beach.