Pantanal Animals, Brazil

A Black howler monkey in the Pantanal, Brazil, South America

A Black howler monkey framed by Geoff Gallice.

Commonly seen Pantanal animals

A tapir in the Pantanal, Brazil wildlife safari.

A tapir photographed by Marco Zanferrari.

The animals you are most likely to see – during the dry season anyway – are Caiman and Capybara in their millions, as well as plenty of anteaters, tapir and deer.
On the obligatory boat rides look out for the endangered Giant River Otter and perhaps a a Jaguar snoozing in the shade beside the riverbank.
Birds are, however, the dominant sight.

A tegu lizard in Pantanal, Brazil

A tegu lizard shot by Leyo.

Capybara in the Pantanal, Brazil

Capybara photographed by Berrucomons. The world’s biggest rat, but in a nice, cuddly way.

An anteater in the Pantanal, Brazil

An anteater. Photo by Nori Almeida.