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Music Festivals 2017 Listings June

Glastonbury Festival in England

Glastonbury Festival in England, 21 – 25 June 2017.

“D’you know where my tent is? What’s it look like? It’s green. Right, and is it near anything? Yeah, yeah (excited), it’s next to another tent, a blue one.” AA Gill on attending Glastonbury Festival

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June 2017

29 May – 21

ISRAEL, Israel Festival (of music and performing arts), in Jerusalem. Dance, opera, drama and music from some of the world’s most talented artists. Israel Pictures Guide

1 June – 19 August

GREECE Athens & Epidaurus Festival – one of would’s most famous theatrical event with drama, dance and music. Staged at ancient theatres including the 2, 000 year old outdoor Odeon of Herodes Atticus at the base of Acropolis Hill and the theatre of Delphi. Location, location, location. Athens Pictures

1 – 24 June ’16
TBA for 2017

TURKEY, International Istanbul Music Festival. An excellent month in the marvelous city of Istanbul, with everything from major concerts to traditional music. Turkey Travel Guide

Not held since 2015
TBA in the future

SCOTLAND, near Inverness, RockNess – an annual music fest in a picturesque setting at Clune Farm on the banks of Loch Ness in Dores. With a spectacular view of the lake, this is considered by many to be the world’s most beautiful festival environment.

31 May – 4 June

SPAIN, Barcelona, Primavera Sound – one of Spain’s biggest music festivals at Parc del Fòrum, 6km from Barcelona on the coast. Primavera is popular for line-ups focusing on eclectic, new, independent music.

2 – 5 June

AUSTRIA Salzburg Whitsun Festival – an extension of the Europe’s most prestigious summer classical music event. Held every year during Whitsun or Pentecost weekend in Mozart’s pretty home town of Salzburg.

9 – 11 June

USA, Chicago, Illinois Chicago Blues Festival – the world’s largest free blues concert. Six stages and admission free!

It has moved to

FRANCE, Festival de Musique de Strasbourg, an international contemporary music festival.

8 – 11 June

USA, Tennessee, Manchester, the Bonnaroo Music Festival – an award-winning festival, with multiple stages of live music of all kinds. Rolling Stone Magazine named it one of 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll.

8 – 11 June

ENGLAND, Isle of Wight Festival – the revived legendary festival of the late 60’s is now held annually at Seaclose Park, Newport since 2002.

9 – 18 June

GERMANY, Leipzig Bach Festival (Bachfest Leipzig) -one of Germany’s most important classical music festival, the works of Bach performed by internationally acclaimed musicians. 100 or so events will be held at more than 30 venues in and around the city. Don’t miss the concerts by the famous St. Thomas’ boys choir.

9 – 11 June

ENGLAND, Download Festival – the UK’s largest, if not the Europe’s largest, rock and metal music festival, held at Donington Park, Derby, near East Midlands Airport.
Download is known for its relaxed community feel. Weekend tickets include camping; also available are Day tickets, Family tickets, Kids offers and Early Bird specials.

11 June – 9

INDONESIA, Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar (near Kuta Beach). A very exciting month of traditional song and dance embraced by the whole island, with processions and performances of all kinds all over Bali.

Mid July
TBA for 2017

MOROCCO, Marrakesh (Marrakech) Popular Arts Festival, Festival National des Arts PopulairesMorocco‘s most interesting city hosts the country’s best folklore arts and music festival, sending Marrakesh‘s hyperactive Djamaa el Fna (square) into orbit during this time.

16 – 18 June

USA, Las Vegas, Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) – a huge electronic dance music festival held outdoors, this is the biggest organised rave in the world. EDC is driven by DJs and massive sounds systems along with extraordinary lighting effects including fireworks. Note that many participants wear appropriately wild and outrageous outfits. Weird is good. This is not a band/artist/musician event. Only DJs, but the best in the world. In 2016 EDC happens in Mexico, Las Vegas, Japan and UK.

DJ Tiësto Live – Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

21 June
(same date
every year)

FRANCE, Fete de la Musique, in Paris. Free! A monster musical celebration all over this lovely city. Professionals mix with amateurs playing different sounds in different locations.

19 – 21 June

CROATIA, Zagreb, INmusic FestivalCroatia‘s biggest outdoor event focuses on modern rock music and is one of Europe’s up and coming fixtures, popularly combined with a city break. Held beside Lake Jarun and with camping it’s said to be Glastonbury’s sunny alternative or ‘Woodstock of the 21st century’!

22 – 26 June

ENGLAND, Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England – a massive, multiple music event, with different stages featuring different music, but heavy on rock variations. The closest to Woodstock most of us will ever get. Camping is fine. . . but why does it always rain? Check out the inside story!Tickets are VERY difficult to acquire so book many months ahead!

28 June – 2 July
& 4 – 9 July
(Closed on
Monday 3 July)

USA, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Summerfest – also know as ‘the Big Gig’ – is the world’s largest musical jamboree, attracting one million people. Held annually for 11 days either side of Independence Day weekend, though NOT on the 3rd of July, with more than 1,000 performances on 11 stages.

29 June – 2 July

BELGIAN, Rock Wercher – one ofEurope’s five largest rock music festivals, along with Glastonbury Festival. They have received the Arthur Award by ILMC (International Live Music Conference) several times in the past as the Favourite Music Festival.

28 June – 8 July

CANADA, Montreal International Jazz Festival. Free outdoor megashows as well as indoor performances.

24 June – 1 July

DENMARK, Roskilde Festival– one ofEurope’s five largest rock music festivals, has been running since 1971. It has been played by countless big artists in the past including Bob Marley, U2, Metallica and Radiohead.

30 June – 26

USA, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Santa Fe Opera – a brilliant series of shows in a superb new opera house.

AA Gill on one element of Glastonbury Festival

The truth is this alternative weekend nirvana all comes down to plumbing and waste management. There are armies of kids who’ve been given tickets in exchange for picking up rubbish, of which there is an extraordinary amount.

But it’s bogs that are really the central leitmotif of Glastonbury. It’s all about one thing: colonic endurance. Can you go the full three days without going? Because the very thought is so nauseous, so utterly medieval it makes a colostomy bag sound like a civilised option.

There are plenty of loos laid out like back-to-back miners’ cottage. You can see the rows of feet in the morning, the whole-earth pasty-shoe next to the Nike Air-wear, next to Doc Martens. That’s the thing that’s rarely mentioned about hippies – they’ve managed to achieve completely unisexual footwear but, my darling, the smell.

By the third morning it’s, well, it’s half a million turds and all the trimmings. There are horror stories of dropped stashes, of tripping and slipping, of horrible, horrible rectal explosions.

But for me the most poignant, the most grisly is the girl who told me she’d been putting off the call of nature for as long as sphincterally possible and until she was so comprehensively stoned and drunk she could face the drop.

So at half past two in the morning she gingerly made her way to the deserted, pitch-black amenities block. Opening the door she dropped her pants and with the tense precision of a Romanian gymnast, lowered her posterior over the open sewer.

Something cold and clammy squidged between the cheeks of her buttocks and in a sudden dark repulsive flash of third-eye insight she realised she was squatting on the pointy turtle’s head of the last occupant’s offering, which itself was the high peak of a mountain of s*** that had risen like the devil’s soufflé from the bowl. She said her scream woke at least 4, 000 people.

Line up for next year’s tickets and make sure to rent an RV!

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