Exotic Festivals September 2018 Listing

Tana Toraja funeral ceremony, Indonesia

Exotic festivals September: Tana Toraja funeral ceremony, Indonesia. September.

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These listings are mostly about odd events in Exotic Places. Generally we do not list European or American festivals here – unless they are exceptionally alien!

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September Events 2018

August to October
but especially September

INDONESIA, Funeral Rites at Tana Toraja (Land of Toraja ethnic people) in south central Sulawesi, these massive, peculiar ceremonies are fascinating – new villages built, effigies carried, dancing and eating in very picturesque environments. Tourists can join the festivities if you ask the right person – probably an agent!

22 August – 2 September

MEXICO, International Mariachi and Charreria Festival in Guadalajara (Jalisco state) – flashy trousers, fat guitars and gritos galore in this celebration of Mexican music. ‘Ayyy! ‘
Also in San Jose.

15 – 16 September

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Goroka Cultural Show, similar to Mt Hagen Cultural Show – a gathering of PNG’s clans, touristy but with sensational outfits (birds of paradise feathers, human hair, cat skins. . . ), especially after a trip into the highlands to see the truly bizarre lifestyles of the Huli Wigmen: Hair schools for growing wigs, trench warfare, shell/pig/feather currency etc. . .

24 August

INDIA, Onam Festival in Kerala, a 10 day gala to celebrate the legendary King Maveli before the Onam day, with boat racing, outrageous outfits, processions, dancing, music – the usual mad Indian jamboree. India Map

23 Aug – 8 September

MOROCCO, Imilchil Marriage Festival (betrothal or wedding festival) – 3 days of Berber instant romance and marriages, a marital mind bender in the Atlas Mountains, with no shortage of exotic music and traditional costumes.

22 or 23 September
20 or 21 March
(same dates every year)

MEXICO, Kukulcan Snake God in Chichen Itza (Yucatan) – see the snake appear at the year’s second equinox in this spectacular Mayan pyramid complex, plus varied entertainments. Couple of days before and after too.

19 October
10 – 19 Oct)

INDIA, Dasara/Dashera/Dussehra, also called Navaratri, nationwide but Navaratri in Gujarat is the best.
An important Hindu festival to celebrate the victory of Load Rama over Ravana as well as the Goddess Durga’s triumph against demon Mahishasura.

A series of ceremonies and processions ending with Dussehra, the Festival of Joy which is notable for public battles between giant paper monsters filled with fireworks. Not for those of a nervous disposition. . . also celebrated in Nepal as Dashain.

19 – 21 September

BHUTAN, ThimphuTshechu Festival- a colourful masked dance ritual held in the capital city of Bhutan, with hundreds of locals gathering to see monks dressed in traditional robes performing prayers and dances.