Exotic Festivals March 2018 Listing

Holi Festival of Colour, India and Nepal

Holi Festival of Colour, India and Nepal, Exotic festivals March.

World Festival dates and information

These listings are mostly about odd events in Exotic Places. Generally we do not list European or American festivals here – unless they are exceptionally alien!

Calendar Dates are sometimes unconfirmed and occasionally unreliable, so check before booking. TBC/A = To Be Confirmed/Announced

March Events 2018

1 – 14 March
(Same dates every year)

JAPAN, Omizutori (Water-Drawing Festival) – at the Todai-ji temple in Nara – 1, 200 year old Buddhist ceremonies that the priests draw up the divine water which is believed to have healing powers. It is especially spectacular on the last night (13th), full of huge, blazing torches and noise-making monks.

1 March

NEPAL & INDIA, Holi, Festival of Colour. The ultimate in psychedelic festivals without the drugs, everyone throwing coloured water, powder or paint over everyone else, including you. It’s an iridescent madhouse. Especially spectacular Holi are held in Jaipur, Mathura, Braj Bhoomi and Sri Krishna in India and Kathmandu in Nepal. Nepal Pictures Guide, India Travel

2 March
(15th day of the Chinese New Year)
19 February 2019

CHINA, Spring Lantern Festival, nationwide, celebrating the end of the Chinese New Year period. Also known as Yuanxiao or Shangyuan Festival.
Lanterns – many of strange design and colour – are lit and carried all over China. People all ages enjoy not just watching lanterns but fireworks, folk dancing, eating yuanxiao, rice dumpling balls stuffed with varied fillings and also the opportunity of young boys and girls to have a fun together as it regarded as Chinese Valentine’s day!

2 March TBC
First Friday

MEXICO, Noche de Brujas (Night of the Witches), Cerro Mono Blanco, Catemaco – a mob of shamans, healers and witches from all over the country gather for a extensive ceremony based on witchcraft tradition. Mexico Travel Guide

20 or 21 March
22 or 23 Sept.
(same date
every year) TBC

MEXICO, Kukulcan Snake God in Chichen Itza (Yucatan) – see the snake shadow appear during the first equinox in this spectacular Mayan pyramid complex, plus varied entertainments. A couple of days before and after too.

18 – 21 Mar. ’17
TBA for 2018

MEXICO, Cumbre Tajin (Tajin Summit) in Veracruz. A unique mind, body and soul celebration in the spiritually correct Tajin park. A mass of alternative therapies as well as art, music, dance and adventure sports (eh? ). Tajin website

11 – 17 March

ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires, CITA, International Tango conference – the world’s most important tango event and the longest running tango meeting in the country. The sexiest dance on earth, live, where it belongs as Tango was declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Late March to
early April
(Dates are depending on weather and location)

JAPAN, Sakura Matsuri or Hanami Cherry Blossom time especially in Tokyo‘s Ueno park or Aoyama cemetery as all over Japan pink and white cherry trees herald springtime and just about every Japanese person, especially office workers, gets totally blotto on beer and saké under the trees. We especially enjoyed picnicking under the blossoms of Hakodate Fort in Hokkaido.

17 March
6 March 2019

INDONESIA, Bali, Nyepi Day (Day of Silence). During the Balinese New Year a lively celebration occurs, with traditional music, dance and a grand procession, followed by 24 hours of total silence. Everything is closed, even the international airport.

27 – 31 March

BHUTAN, ParoTsechu Festival– a magnificent and kaleidoscopic festival held in a spectacular location in the Himalayas, with hundreds of locals gathering to see the monks dressed in vivid robes performing masked ritual prayers and dances. Tsechu is a religious celebration in honour of Padmasambhava, the great Nyingmapa scholar who was born from a lotus flower.

25 – 31 March

MEXICO, Semana Santa, nationwide but especially in Chiapas – processions, costumes, fireworks, music, dance and weird rituals. Mexico Travel Guide

30 March

PHILIPPINES, Crucifixion in San Fernando on Good Friday. A key event of Holy Week, Via Crusus (Way of the Cross). Locals play out Christ’s agony, all dressed up, beaten by whips and some finally nailed – for real – to crosses. Asia Map

2 – 8 April

INDONESIA, Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud, Bali – an annual celebration of yoga, healing arts, live music and dance with workshops in the peaceful island of Bali. One of world’s leading yoga/lifestyle events. Indonesia Travel Guide.