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2017 Exotic Festivals June Listing

Exotic World Heritage Festivals

Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, Fès Musiques Sacrées du Monde. Morocco

Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, Fès Musiques Sacrées du Monde. Morocco.

These listings are mostly about odd events in Exotic Places. Generally we do not list European or English Speaking festivals here – unless they are exceptionally alien!

Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, starts 27 May 2017 depending on location and runs to 25 June. There’s often a lively feast day, Eid al-Fitr, at the end of Ramadan on June 25, though the celebration/holiday begins at sunset of the previous day.

Calendar Dates are sometimes unconfirmed and occasionally unreliable, so check before booking. TBC/A = To Be Confirmed/Announced

June 2017

June – November

MADAGASCAR, Famadihana ‘turning the bones’. Reburying the dead ceremonies, fascinating but independent travel required. Madagascar Travel Guide, Madagascar Pictures

9 – 11 June

USA, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival. Over 100 tribes pow-wow and celebrate their heritage with song and dance.

10 June – 8

INDONESIA, Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar (near Kuta Beach). A very exciting month of traditional song and dance embraced by the whole island, with processions and performances of all kinds all over Bali.

11, 12 and
24 June

ITALY, Florence, Calcio Storico at the Piazza Santa Croce – crazed and brutal but traditional 15th C costumed football matches with 4 teams, 27 players each side and no effective referee. Usually after playing each other in opening games and the two overall winners play final on 24th of June (San Giovanni day). Florence Photos.

22 – 24 June

NIGERIA, Durbar Festival in front of the Emir’s Palace, Kano, Bida or Katsina towns – a magnificent, ancient tradition with many participants in ornate costumes, including the Emir (the local ruler), horses, horsemen, wrestlers and musicians. Activities involve horsemanship, exotic music, singing, dancing, wrestling and more. Durbar means military parade.

30 May
(5th day of the
5th lunar month)

CHINA, Duanwu Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Jit) around Hong Kong‘s islands and rivers, but also some other Chinese towns/cities. Spectacularly decorated boats loaded with rowers and drums race. More info from the Dragon Boat Association

30 June – 2 July

TURKEY, Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival in Edirne – 1, 000 well-oiled fat boys get a good slapping. Turkey Photos, but not of Kirkpinar. Friday: Opening Ceremony & first matches, Sunday: Finals.

Turkish Oil Wrestling

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